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  1. You can look up pretty much any drug on one of the popular drug info websites. If you have an antidepressant in mind look it up and they have a section in the med info on drug interactions.
  2. As Jon Kabatt Zinn said..... As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than there is wrong. No matter how ill or hopeless you may feel
  3. Hi all I am on my 8th day @ 8mg/day abilify taken in the morning. I'm taking it as an adjunct to mirtazapine and effexor xr for depression. For the last two nights I noticed I am drooling in my sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this side effect go away over time? Any feedback appreciated, Thanks
  4. +1 on the motivation issue. I have the same problem. Sometimes I have to psych myself up for an hour or more just to go to the store.
  5. For me it's mostly life events. Job layoffs multiple times, career changes multiple times and aging parents and the changes to them that go with that.
  6. Depression is totally treatable. You have taken a great step forward with meds. Two good reasons to feel better - for yourself and your girlfriend. Stick with it man it will get better.
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