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  1. Went to pyschiatrist today. He says im suffering PTSD. :-(
  2. Thankfully we are not married. He gets frustrated with whats going on with me....i get that becuz im frustrated too. I cant begin to explain it to someone who doesnt understand what it feels like to be a prisoner of their own mind.
  3. The bad thing is....I do care for him alot. Not sure I love him. I just want to feel better. Tired of crying...tired of feeling like my life is not worth living.
  4. He swears me getting pregnant messed up a chemical balance in my brain. I know i suffered post pardom after birth, and i was on cymbalta. But i didnt see a change and after 2 months stopped taking it.
  5. Hello. Im a 37 im a mom to 2 little girls (ages 4 and 8 months), im with my youngest daughters dad. I was sexually abused at a young age by my grandpa. I was married before (he cheated on me...called girls non stop, verbally abusive to me), dated another guy who towards the end of the relationship started talking to another girl behind my back, met my oldest daughters sperm donor and he ended up physically abusing me (hes in prison now for what he did)....met the guy im with now in August 2014. Things were great in the beginning...i found out i was pregnant in November, things have went downhill fast! We live together but things are horrible. I think hes just here because of our daughter. Theres no affection, no nothing. I accuse him of cheating, of doing what my past has done. I assume the worst always. Lately i cry very easily. I started having panic attacks. He doesnt work. He tells me what he does is not my business, whose houses he goes to, who he talks to. Claims he would never cheat on me. He is also addicted to norcos. Im...so depressed feeling. So worthless feeling. I could go and hide or runaway. I hate my girls seeing me this way. He sits and says he is here for me but then hours later hes yelling at me to ****ing stop crying. I just...am afraid of how i feel. And that i have no one
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