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    Mike44 got a reaction from CoolCat7 in Help! Quit Prozac, Still No Sexual Sensation/no orgasm   
    Hurting a lot of people is a stretch. If taken properly and weened off properly very few people will be 'hurt' by them. 
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    Mike44 got a reaction from CoolCat7 in Help! Quit Prozac, Still No Sexual Sensation/no orgasm   
    Anti depressants help a lot of people, just because they didn't work for you does not mean they do not work.
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    Mike44 reacted to quesneldave in Therapy with Positive Quotes.   
    Often sharing positive inspirational quotes about life, promise, hope, self acceptance, contentment and many other positive outlooks on life can help us see the better side of life even in our darkest days. 
    Many people find therapy sharing these quotes just knowing they may impact a persons attitude even for a day, or better yet help them see the beauty in even the smallest things in our daily lives.
    Help me use this topic by sharing your own quotes or other quotes of positive inspirational messages to give hope to those who may feel hopeless.
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    Mike44 got a reaction from Waning Sunshine in Boiling inside   
    Actually that would be the reason. Your hormones are all screwed up. Do not worry there are medications that restore the hormone levels in your thyroid. You shoulf be fine, keep us updated. 
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    Mike44 reacted to LouisRiel in Depression and Anxiety Medication Question   
    From what I have read they say the only affect medication will have if you don't need it is side effects. I had periods of both from ages 8-13 when it became a persistent thing. At 24 It is still with me, but medication has defintely helped balance things out and helped me recover faster from periods of hell. What took me down for weeks or months before can be managed in a few hours or days, and that is huge progress for now.
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    Mike44 reacted to Sunshine3675 in Is Seroxat As Dangerous As Illegal Drugs, The Other Nasty Drugs?   
    Hi Geode and Ryan,
    Paxil has been wonderful to me. I've been on it for close to 10 years now. I was originally placed on it because I had a combination of anxiety/depression. I too feel that the depression was more or less brought on by the anxiety attacks that I would have. As far as the side effects, My worse side affect that I had at that time was dry mouth. I really didn't experience anything else that I can recall. I don't plan to come off of it anytime soon as it is doing its job. Just thought I would add some insight.
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    Mike44 reacted to JW OLDBUSA in How long till paxil worked well for you?   
    The first 2 months were an emotional roller coaster. Depression sometimes worse. Sometimes more panic attacks. Sometimes like on LSD. Then I finally felt calm and depression relieved. The first time in my life 54 years. Still great today!
    5 years now!
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    Mike44 reacted to canacool in How long till paxil worked well for you?   
    Hi, six years ago l started on 10mg, then went to 20mg, that worked great for a very long time. Then after a while l had to take 30mg, because the dose eventually has to increase because it doesnt work as well as before. Now l am taking 40mg, and its still doing the trick, l had some side effects more so with the higher doses. But they always subside after a month on the new dose, this drug has been a god send for me, it completely took the anxiety and depression away.
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    Mike44 got a reaction from Natasha1 in Caffeine   
    Coffee is glorious but I am holding off until my anxiety goes down.
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    Mike44 reacted to ubee in Positive stories about Wellbutrin   
    I remember when I first started to feel the positive effects of wellbutrin, and it freaked me out.
    I called my doc, frantically telling him about my "personality changes". These changes included laughing, wanting to go out with friends, not crying everyday, etc. Because these feelings were so foreign to me, I was certain that I had become manic. My doc just laughed and said "you're not manic, dear. Those feelings are called "normal". Welcome to life and finally being able to experience it"

    God bless this drug :)
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    Mike44 reacted to deaconblu in **** me. I am depressed.   
    Depression is totally treatable.  You have taken a great step forward with meds.  Two good reasons to feel better  - for yourself and your girlfriend.  Stick with it man it will get better.
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    Mike44 reacted to lsparkles123 in Celexa / Lexapro's Success Stories   
    I just want to share a success story with Citalopram. I have had major depression and extreme anxiety for a few months. I thought I was hopeless because I was having such a hard time A) accepting I had a chemical imbalance B) getting on meds. I was miserable, couldn't function at work, felt like I was going to die, no energy or interest in anything, had to force myself to be around people. It started by finding out I have HCM in February, which is Hypertrophyic Cardiomyopathy. It scared me so badly that I got obsessed and before I knew it, I was heading in a downward spiral. I couldn't snap out of it, my faith helped, but I could feel that I was having a medical issue with my brain. It was so awful, I didn't want to die but I didn't want to live. I sought help...but couldn't stand the side effects of the meds, so it took a while. I tried two other meds before celexa, (I'm sure it wasn't long enough) I thought I was going crazy. I went to outpatient therapy and it began to give me hope. I got on celexa..and when I slowly, I mean slowly. I've been so afraid that the meds wouldn't work or they would make me zombie/apathetic. So, for me the idea of slowly getting on is the only way I'll do it. I'm seven weeks in the treatment. It started working very quickly, but of course it took me a while to really kick in and level out. I also went from 5-30mg. I must say I am a believer in meds now. For those who do not suffer a "chemical imbalance", I can understand the skeptism of meds. But once you've been through an uncontrollable depression/anxiety, you can understand meds can be very helpful! I can't believe how much better I feel. I feel "my normal" self...I've kept my job, I'm happy, motivated, social, getting things done, able to sleep. The only part I'm upset with is the weight gain. GRRR. I love food a little too much..it's like it hits a pleasure senor in my brain. I just wanted to share because I was scared to death 2 months ago and all those who said to stick with it really helped me. I had increased anxiety and some mild side effects at the beginning..but they passed. The food cravings have slowed down some, I hope there are realistic ways to combat the weight gain. I wish you all luck! Hang in there. The best thing that helps me is FAITH and HOPE!!! Meds may not work forever and are not the cure all. But I think if you deal with stressors in life, take care of yourself, with hope, seek help (therapy) and try meds..IT WORKS!
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    Mike44 reacted to Cas654 in Just need to vent   
    After two of the best days I've had in a long while I'm currently experiencing a very depressive mood swing. I probably wouldn't be talking right now if my current available suicide options didn't require so much effort and weren't so unappealing. What I would give for some barbiturates right now is rather alarming. I'm not really sure who I could even talk to about how I'm feeling right now, I've kinda distanced myself from all my friends don't want to talk to anyone related to me and feel like I would be bother anyone who cares with some over emotional teenage drama. I recently (kinda) opened up to my mom, she wasn't as skeptical as I thought she would be but is convinced it's in my head and I'm being infuenced by someone or something. I've had these very thoughts myself and feel very guilty about getting help and feel like the therapist will laugh or most likely the equivalent of whatever the professional version of that is. Never the less my mom DID make an appointment. Only problem is the soonest appointment was two weeks away and I'm not sure I want to make the effort getting help would require. I'm 15 so I have to go to school everyday and expected to socialize and be happy and participate in class. I have difficulty doing things used to enjoy, especially socializing, and especially with people my age. My crippling self doubt doesn't help any, turning successful lighthearted interactions with others into some pubic embarrassment in my mind. I always feel as if I have eyes on me, I feel like I have to say exactly the right thing and look the right way. I'm terrified to be one on one with someone cause I feel like I'll ruin whatever realationship we have. I lie about being busy when people ask me to hang out all the time because I don't want to put in the effort of trying to be fun and normal. I exhaust myself by constantly worrying about the position of my hair the angle at which people are looking at me, down to the way I am walking. I paranoid about even friends I've had for a very long while growing to dislike me or that they are only friends out of pity. This honestly might be completely true. I feel like I always have this weight on my and I just want to lay down and cry or die or something. This is usually accompanied by frustration. Loneliness and self hate are also almost constant companions. I'm always tired no matter how many hours of sleep I get. This has all been going on for a about two years with varying intensity. I do experince realitivly normal days or days where it feels less intense or days where I just feel nothing, until recently I ignored even the possibilty of it being a mental illness. I've always had something to blame these feelings on, but recently my life is better than it has been for longer than I can remember. I'm not a social outcast, I'm not unattractive, even though I have to remind myself this constantly, I don't get bullied, I'm athletic, i have bad grades but straight As on tests (even the ones in my ap classes) so it's my own fault for not doing the work, teachers like me (most of them). My mom doesn't get why I'd feel like this , and is especially confused about the anxiety I experience around people, Im just not sure. Life, death, and everything else have lost all feelings of consequence for me. I find I hard to give a about anything. I'm not only trying to act like a normal teenage girl but like a human as well. The suicidal feeling are usually just that, feelings. I might have taken action on them by now if a boy at my school had not committed suicide last year. I had known him since elementary and had considered him a friend. Who was loved by almost everyone and was a hilarious if a little odd and got bullied some. It was weird how him dying affected me so little I never cried not once. I just felt numb to it and never moved passed there.I still feel guilty about it, I feel I'd do the same if someone else was to die close to me. I also feel guiltily jealous. Even so, seeing how his death affected people often dissuades me of my suicidal intentions. Mine would not effect nearly as many people with the intensity his did but I still don't wish to cause people pain or guilt however little they may feel. Today was a different story I was prepared to take action. I feel like writing this took a little of the suicidal edge off my thoughts and given me a chance to think so thank you for reading if you stuck with me this long. I still feel like an melodramatic teen girl but there is little I can do. I just had to get this out. I've never really talked about it to anyone. Thanks
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