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  1. Welcome back! You should blog on here, I will be reading it.
  2. You need to go see a doctor and get tests done. There is a good chance it is something else entirely.
  3. The anxiety always causes depression for me. Makes me feel awful which causes more anxiety.
  4. Anybody else got off it successfully? Just wondering a little more what to expect this time around.
  5. Well the last two months were awesome. The meds kicked in at 20mg and I had zero side effects. Now I have hit a wall of anxiety and feel myself slipping again. Upping to 30mg and hoping for the best. Anybody else have similar experiences?
  6. That's also good. 12 days isn't very long. You should keep us updated, I am interested.
  7. Thats great. How long have you taken the Effexor?
  8. Have you tried any medication?
  9. Working how? Your depression is gone? Any side effects?
  10. So in May I started to become very anxious (GAD) which ultimately led to depression. I was completely floored, couldn't do much of anything, didn't sleep for days and it felt like time was passing very slowly. I eventually went to a doctor and she prescribed me Paxil and 20 Ativan for sleep. It took me a few days to work up the courage but I started taking the Paxil and I can't exactly tell when it began to work. I felt better almost the first or 2nd day and steadily got better after that which made me believe it wasn't the medication but something else. A day or two before taking the Paxil I had a near panic attack because I could not sleep and everything in my world felt like it was falling apart so I decided to take an Ativan and it must have helped because I slept for 8 hours with no issues and woke up feeling a bit off but somewhat alright. Fast forward to now, about 3 weeks ago I took my last Paxil 20mg by weaning off. I weaned very quickly and the only side effect I had was a bit of vertigo but everything else seemed fine. Now it's been a full 3 weeks and I am all of a sudden feeling very anxious again and I am torn between it being withdrawal or actually relapse of my symptoms, I have Paxil left over and I don't know if I should take it or not. All of this comes off of 3 years ago when I had my first episode of anxiety and decided to not take anything and it cleared up after a couple weeks, my therapist at the time was amazed. That time I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Effexor which I decided against taking. Basically the question I am posing is, has anybody came off Paxil or a short period of time (3-6 weeks) and felt they had to go in because of emotional side effects? I had no brain zaps or sleeping problems. Did it begin to work again for you? Just need some reassurance or at least somebody to talk to about their experiences... Thanks a lot if you read the whole thing.
  11. How long have you been on the Effexor for?
  12. They are not completely harmless but they do tend to have side effects and people need to realize that.
  13. Hurting a lot of people is a stretch. If taken properly and weened off properly very few people will be 'hurt' by them.
  14. Anti depressants help a lot of people, just because they didn't work for you does not mean they do not work.
  15. SSRI's will not work for at a minimum two weeks, doesn't matter who or how you are.
  16. You should have weened off of it in a few months using the liquid form. 60mg for a few years is a lot for any person, I am surprised you survived. How do you feel now?
  17. Anxiety and depression can be side effects before the medication begins to work. Anxiety will always make you feel the worst and constantly think about the worst things. You should take xanax or lorazepam during the very anxious episodes and it will definitely help. I used lorazepam to help sleep through the night and go out during the day. I had crippling anxiety before I started taking it.
  18. Yes, it is a common side effect of all SSRI's. What kind of desperation do you speak of?
  19. I took it for about 3 months at 20mg a day. You haven't taken it long enough to actually work, it sounds like you are having the usual side effects. The problem is people who experience side effects will usually experience withdrawal but there is no sure way to know. I had anxiety and taking paxil made me feel 100% better, even at such a low dose. The only side effect I experienced was sexual and not a big deal. For withdrawal I have experienced vertigo so far and might be experiencing a some anxiety right now for the last couple of days. It has been 3 weeks and I tapered down over a week. I am very surprised your doctor didn't give it at least 4 to 6 weeks is surprising. What kind of anxiety were you experiencing?
  20. I wholeheartedly agree with Paladin, a therapist will really help you and talk to your doctor about medications, you may need a switch because anedhonia or lack of emotions can be a common side effect of anti-depressants.
  21. Alright. I am just not sure its a persistent thing for me. I only seem to have GAD and no or very little depression.
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