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  1. So he is out of surgery? Now you can "give him a piece of your mind for not saying goodbye this morning. LOL Although, I know that once you see him, you will spoil him, as he recovers. :)
  2. I've never been to a depression support group. (There never seems to be any in my area) but I hope that it was helpful for you. Keep plugging away at your work. I hope that it doesn't get too stressful. You're doing well keeping "all those plates up in the air." (( )).
  3. Not sure if you are a "business as usual" kind of person or a "take time out" kind of person for coping with the waiting time. Maybe a little of both....... Just keep sending those good thoughts out to him. (( )).
  4. I remember when my Father had heart surgery. The surgery turned out well, It was just a lot of sitting around waiting for me. I guess, I just decided that once he left his hospital room, I just had to trust or think that everything was going to turn out well. I knew that my "work/worry" was going to be once he got out of surgery. The visiting, and recovery and taking him for walks, and things like that. I'm not saying don't worry, because any surgery can have complications, but I don't know, I hope that you can go through the waiting time with peace and faith, Also, at the time I didn't want my father to see that I was worried, so I just sort of blocked it out and it helped me just kind be ok with things until later So I hope that things go very well for both of you and father. Sending good healing and tranquil thoughts.
  5. Maybe it's all just catching up with you, plust Monday malaise just sucks anyway. You'll get another crack at the day tomorrow. (( )).
  6. I too am a call center casualty. You really have had worked there for a period of time to really understand the feelings it can evoke. The one thing good about it, is that your coworkers are usually pretty nice because of the fact the customers can be absolute terrors so there tends to be more "solidarity" with your teammates. You do need to leave that job before it actually "changes" you. And usually that change is not for the better. I would experience a lot of road rage after work and after a few years. I just quit cold turkey. A coworker of mine didn't quit, and she is now on Paxil. (ok I know it is not the sole reason but call center work sure did not help matters.). But once you have been through call center work for a good period of time, know that you will be able to handle pretty much any obnoxious person that you may encounter in life :).
  7. Right now I like the sleep hypnosis videos by Michael Sealey
  8. They should at least treat the symptoms of the sickness. Are they not prescribing anything because of potential drug interactions with your depression meds? Or are they suggesting over the counter remedies for certain symptoms? I hope that you aren't sick with something now, because that just makes life just all that much harder. Since your doctor won't give you anything, I will send you lots of healing good energy. (( ))
  9. " fake it till you make it," right? There's nothing wrong in getting another person's viewpoint. Consultants are used in business all the time.! You must be leaning all sorts of new things right now. Hi5 :)
  10. It's like when people tail gate me speed past me and then cut in front of me, just to end up at that red light ahead. I'm like, really? You wasted all that gas, expended all that energy, end up stopped at that red light, just to let me know that I am driving too slowly for your taste.
  11. Wow, that takes guts to go and have your writing critiqued, because it can go either way and really do a number on your writing confidence. Kudos just for going there. I know how it feels when people are unnecessarily harsh there's really no need for that.
  12. Helping others can be a tough at times, that's for sure. but I think it's because people's natural reaction to the "unknown" is avoidance. so that can often keep people stuck where they are.
  13. Sometimes i wish they had "depression buddies" like the support person you would get at AA, someone to turn to when times are tough. That is funny because a few months ago I had that same thought exactly. I mentioned it in passing on a different forum and it was "crickets". I do like your post though. It is very poignant.
  14. Nah, you didn't "lose" that job opportunity. You negotiated, and they didn't counter. They just took themselves out of the game. You my dear are still in the game so ROCK ON! :p
  15. Hal Elrod's Miracle morning was the one that turned me onto the I Am statements. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get up and do the Miracle Morning like it is supposed to be done. I just sort of do some components of it here and there.
  16. I wish more therapists were open about HSPs. They just seem to "ignore" at lot of times. I know for sure that I am sensitive to sounds. I don't like loud music, and if a telephone keeps ringing and no one is answering it, I get irritated. At work, everyone thought I just liked to be on the phones because I kept answering them. But in truth I would try to answer it fast, because I just hated the ringing, yet people could let that phone ring 50 times and not be bothered by it. Smells, I also was tested for tone aptitude and I scored high on it. Which makes sense, because I can hear people's tone of voice in a heartbeat and am very influenced by that.
  17. I don't know anything about REBT. Hypnotherapy sounds very interesting to me right now. You may want to see of traditional analysis might help? I explored it once. Didn't have a good experience, but I would be willing to try again with a different and very traditional analyst. Unfortunately, they are VERY hard to find.
  18. There's a video on YouTube you may like. It's by Marie Forleo. Called How to reprogram your subconscious mind to get what you want. She does a short interviews with some solid people. In any case she has a ton of videos so you may come across on that can be of interest.
  19. I don't know what it was about that particular antidepressant, but when I did take it for a little while, I felt like every morning I would look in the mirror and was like *** I felt really old and I think I was in my early 30's at tht time for that medicine.? So I was like, well this is just making me more depressed so that was incentive enough to just quit cold turkey for me. Looking back, maybe it was because of the side effects, I wasn't eating well, and sleeping well, and probably my stomack or something was upset so I probably wasn't hydrating well so it could have been that. "But I just remember saying to myself, I had no idea that antidepressants made you look old, great just what I need." I adore aromatherapy/essential oils etc They do last a long time, so even if the bottle seems small for what your paying, don't worry, you don't need to use much.. Some people get really into it and say that it cures all sorts of things etc. I don't think it's a miracle or anything but if you think about it, it was the precursor to modern medicine so it does have some merit. There are a couple of things that essential oils work great for me, and then there are times when I just like the scents. Pretty much you can pick up essential oils anywhere even at your local Target store but if you don't know anything about it, your local Sprouts, Mother's market Whole Foods, or health store will often have testers open so that you can just smell them and see what you like. At those stores, the staff are pretty knowledgeable too so don't be afraid to ask them. There are like a million different brands, and many people have their favorite companies for sure, but in the beginning, just get the brand that smells the best to you and is at a price point that you are comfortable spending. I love to diffuse the oils into the air with the water diffusers, just don't heat the oils up with those candle type diffusers., putting it on your wrist, and behind your ears will work well also, until you decide if you like essential oils or not. You can also add them to your bath and or shower. I tend to like the oils that are a blend. So like it will say, Relax blend, or Joy blend or something. I don't like just the singular scents as much like just Lavender, or just orange. There are all sorts of things you can do with oils, but just start out with like one bottle that is calming and one bottle that is more for energy and see how you do. You can buy oils online, but I only do that when I know the company, and their scents. Although scents can be " triggering" so if your ex boyfriend or someone used to smell like Sandlewood or Peppermint or something, then having a bottle of peppermint oil could very well make you more stressed out rather than calm.
  20. No, if I remember correctly. I had that same thought about how antidepressants somehow made me feel old. (aged me). It was a long time ago, and I think it was with Wellbutrin. I never said anything about it, because I thought that no one would believe me because many people take antidepressants and seem just fine. But for some reason, I had that very same thought a very long time ago and I too went cold turkey. Just because at the time, I didn't know what else to do except just stop. Do you like aromatherapy? Maybe putting a few drops of your favorite oil on your wrist will help you when you first get up. I tend to like scents so it is very "comforting" for me.
  21. I love the gym memes. Especially the panda one, since I love pandas. Step away from the donuts. LOL Anyway, try exercising at different times of the day for a bit, just to see when is the time that you feel the most "up" for exercising. Also if you must work out really early in the morning what I did was sleep in my exercise clothes so that literally all I had to do was just roll out of bed, because exercise and early morning should just not be used in the same sentence. LOL.
  22. Why in the world, when I am on pointe with my exercising and looking good, there is not a soul around. But when I look like that bedraggled Corgi about ready to collapse, 16 fit people magically appear on front and behind me on a "deserted" trail.?
  23. you know what would be cool is if your boyfriend used the app to record a few nice encouraging words for you first day on the job and then you could listen to it on the train. I mean, who doesn't want their boyfriend whispering into their ear right? LOL
  24. Oh yeah, I was in a different country riding the train for work and to this day, I still love riding a train. Buses, not so much. unfortunately, California is not known for their awesome public transport so I have to use a car, but if there were a train option for me, I do like it. I think it's because I like to people watch. And I do seem to draw "energy" from the city, and then I can choose to leave it and go back to the burbs whenever I want so to speak. Olh,your office from hell is going to leave a scar. I can't see how it wouldn't, but you'll be leaving it, and make sure you have that glass of celebratory Alcohol waiting for you, the day that you walk out that door.! :) It takes real strength to get rid of what you don't want. That app, I found by accident, and it has surprisingly grown on me. I got the free version, and yes I am that cheap, but I might actually spring for the paid version, I like it that much. I think it was because my own theory is that if I can be influenced by someone else's voice telling me over and over again how bad, and useless I am ( think mother issues here). Then, maybe I could get my brain to listen to someone telling me something different. Then coincidently I started to read that the subconscious mind is more receptive to messages that are in your own voice. Somehow I clicked on the link and I found that I am that I am app. What I really liked, was that I messed up and had to email the company with a question, and she replied, like right away. So yeah, give it a try, I loved the background music option they have to go along with your affirmations if you want.
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