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  1. Burp, It seems I have 3 mountains to climb everyday 1) menniers disease which is fullness and loud ringing in ears, anxiety, and depression. All 3 wake up with you each day. I appreciate your post I need all help and positive feedback I can get.
  2. I already told my story , open to things worked for others , I want my life back.
  3. I really need help from some people about going around in my small community. It pretty well got around I have had and still struggling with depression. I have had money problems over extended, health problems which started my downward slide,marriage problems. I was very prominent now I feel like roadkill. Currently taking Fetzima and Klopin at night. Can not go anywhere else to much family here. I have tried many things can not get over the hump. Appreciate All replies. Really have many talents but they come hard nowadays....Needless to say I feel totally ashamed and embarassed and feel that way when go out in community. Like I cannot get my respect or life back.
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