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  1. I’m a lonely middle-aged female who’s overwhelmed with loneliness, bitterness and rejection! I recently lost a soulmate through suicide, he was my colleague, my best friend my love of my life. I feel like he’s abandoned me because he took his own life without even saying goodbye to me! He made a lot of promises to me he never kept. He’s was suffering from cancer since 2016. It’s a very long story but I feel like he rejected me just like I have been for a longest time. Now I’m suffering from loneliness once again. I feel like a total failure in life I feel very empty and overwhelmed. I never experience a marriage or have any children. I don’t feel normal... I been mistreated most of my life, especially by my family. I’ve been abused, bullied back stabbed, ridiculed and rejected. I’m of people talking about their normal everyday life while drowning in my misery! And now I’m overwhelmed with grief. I feel like I don’t want to be in this anymore because I feel like don’t care! I always have suicidal thoughts and they are getting stronger. My recent therapist wasn’t much help, I feel she’s a crock of ! I’M A A ! A! I’ll just keep that I’ll in my !
  2. What's the use I'm getting nowhere with my life. I'm very lonely. I'm turning middle aged, it's too hopeless for me now. I don't know if I can go on, I don't think I care anymore. I'm so miserable that I sleep a lot especially on weekends. Sometimes I sleep for 24 hours. All I do is eat, sleep & cry.. I'm completely overweight, I have health problems that I don't care if I get a heart attack, at least I'll be leaving this repellent world!
  3. Are you a Cat Lover I love cats this is my cat CupCake.


  4. Also I'm almost middle aged I'm too old now! A lot of people my age are probably grandparents by now.. Where exactly am I going to find some friends who are still single at my age? Give me a F break I'm better off dead!!
  5. I'm a near middle aged lady who's living a miserable life. Most of my life I've been mistreated. I've been abused, bullied, ridiculed, backstabbed, and rejected. I've never succeed one thing in my life. Never got married, have children, never even experience a romantic relationship. I never even have any close friends all because of my failures. I've become very bitter, hostile, and cold hearted towards others. I get sick of hearing other people talk about their successfull happy lives while I'm drowning in failure and misery. Most of the time I wondered why was I put on this earth, I'm better off dead, I wish I wasn't born. Right now I have no life, no friends, no marriage, no family of my own. It's probably too late for me now. My life is a big joke This is mostly what I've been treated like and sometimes I think the world is a joke... If you look on the bottom of my post, you'll see the pictures I posted that describes what I've been treated like most of my life..
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