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  1. People who delay public transport to ask the driver questions. Also people who slam doors or windows. Oh and next door neighbours dog who barks 24/7 with the owners consent.
  2. Had a good weekend, but feeling a little lost today.
  3. Knowing my brother will be visiting in July.
  4. I want to go for a swim, in a place i lived in Canada. It was a small little harbour that nobody knew about, that looked out onto a vast lake. I guess it was the happiest time of my life too, so going back there for a swim just makes me feel happy.
  5. This reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors
  6. Feeling a bit better after a rough week or so. Walked the dog in the sun, sat and meditated on the grass and it actually felt really relaxing. The weather has definitely helped with my moods, but starting to gain a bit more independence and not worry about other people and their health as much.
  7. Trying to get my mom off the cigarettes as her health has become my worry. Met a lovely old married couple who have been off them since December. Said they'd quit together and have stuck with it. It nearly made me cry but it also made me smile :)
  8. 12 celcius here (52F), yesterday was sunny and today is a bit overcast. Gonna go out for a walk and try catch some of the sun hopefully.
  9. Feeling a good bit better today. I had to help with a showcase for the kids i teach, was so draining to be friendly and nice to the parents, the kids are fine, im generally happy with them. I got a bit of a scare with my mom, she suddenly felt dizzy and had to sit down, i saw the look of panic in her face and it set me off. Talked it out with her and i told her i'm not ready to lose her. Need to gain my independence a bit more, even though its a struggle as shes my best friend too and can snap me out of a low mood. Small steps. Achieved a lot today. Hope you guys are all doing okay. Sending positive vibes and hugs :)
  10. I'll be okay, don't want to worry anyone here. You guys are great. Just ridiculously feeling out of sorts right now. Alcohol is not my friend it seems. Deep breaths :)
  11. Met friends for brunch, got into the swing of things, went for drinks, escalated - feeling so strange now.. bit worried about myself, this feels like a new level. Oh..
  12. Best of luck Natasha, you can do it!!! ((((())))) Just focus on the feeling of when its over if you feel overwhelmed, it will give you a positive vibe (it works for me!). You'll be great and not everyone will be solely focusing on you, get comfortable with the space and visualise yourself performing. You'll be great :) I recently was asked to play at my friends humanist wedding in October. Not just to play during the drinks part of the wedding, but as they come down the aisle!! That's still a scary thought to process but also an honour to be asked!
  13. Have you tried turning it off and on again? I'm no IT expert, but i've found this to be my solution to most things! Hope you're getting some much needed rest now. Good job on getting through today :)
  14. Had a great counselling session, probably because i did my own independent research and brought a lot of it forward. I feel like i'm finally uncovering the reasons as to why i'm so trapped. Small steps as they say. Night-time is always a better time for me so i'm just enjoying some good feelings for a while. Hope everyone else is doing okay.
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