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  1. When people act like they enjoy having your company, but end up talking behind your back.
  2. One day late, but I'm feeling grateful. I'm thankful for all of you on this forum who helped me with my struggles a couple months ago. No one else on the outside world were as nice as you. I still get sad every now and then, but it was nothing like before. I'm thankful for being happy most of the time, and for having adequate food and shelter. I'm thankful for being surrounded by caring people, unlike the "friends" I used to have.
  3. I get so angry at these words. I'm p***** at my best "friend" right now who said this to me repeatedly, even after I explained why it's wrong.
  4. I haven't had a bad day for a long time, but today was pretty rough. Life just went downhill and I've been really hard on myself. I already have everything I always wanted, but I just can't be content. I'm also in a relationship right now. For those who are depressed because they don't have a partner, trust me, I was happier when I was single. I feel like I'm too dependent on others to feel happy.
  5. Just got rid of a year's worth of journal entries. It's time to move on.
  6. I've been on edge for my first few days of college. But socialising been better than I expected. It's way different from high school, where people were mostly selfish and focused too much on drama and gossip. Even if I didn't make an effort to connect with people, people still talked to me. I still struggle with self-image, but it's getting better. I feel normal again. I made some connections and I get invited to stuff. I'm overwhelmed at how kind everyone around me is. I had no faith in humanity, but that might change. There's still good people left in this world.
  7. Life is chaos and anything could happen as a result of your choices. Remember that it's not your fault you ended up with the situation you have, but you are capable of improving. Because you can't predict what's going to happen to you in the future, try not to regret something because of perceived outcomes.
  8. Pulling an Into the Wild? I'd love to do that someday.
  9. Like sober4life said, humans have evolved to desire the company of others in order to survive.
  10. There's nothing wrong with men crying. It's better to cry than to hold all your feelings in.
  11. Everything is going to be fine. I've survived for a pretty long time. Things have worked out in the end.
  12. Talking to my friend, listening to music, watching boring youtube videos, petting dogs, and reading.
  13. Random thought/rant: One time, my parents brought their extremely religious friends over, who asked me if I'm Christian. I tell them I'm not. They asked me if I fear hell. I told them I don't. I live in hell everyday. My life is literally hell. These fundamentalists spend their whole lives preaching how horrible hell is. They don't know what it's like down here. I don't care if I end up going to hell, if it even exists. Life will be the same.
  14. Sounds like you are feeling depressed. Losing a friend is pretty traumatizing, I've lost plenty of good friends. The thing is, you're going to have a hard time getting your former friend to like you again. If he's not ready for it, then just don't bother him about it anymore. Seeing how you really want your friendship back, you're a good friend, and I'm sure you'll find other people if this person doesn't come back.
  15. So anxious I'm shaking right now. I can't relax.
  16. I don't feel happy or sad. Somewhere in between I guess. My mind is blank. I'm frustrated for no reason.
  17. Take a martial arts/self defense class if you want. It'll help get your anger out, make you more confident, and the skills you learn might come in handy someday.
  18. I'm going to be in the same situation in a week, I don't know exactly what to do either. Loneliness leads to depression, and depression leads to loneliness. It's a vicious cycle. I had a hard time making friends in high school, for the first half of the year, I sat alone at lunch. It gets better once you gain some confidence back. I think the best thing to do when you feel lonely is to love yourself, the same way you would want to be loved. That way, even if you don't have any luck getting friends, you'd still be content with yourself. Is there a mental health group at your college that you feel comfortable joining?
  19. The stereotype that males cannot be emotional.
  20. Try complementing yourself whenever you can and finding the good aspects of everything you do. Example: Hacking someone seems pretty difficult, you're intelligent for knowing how to do it. You shouldn't really feel bad for doing it, they deserve it for bullying you.
  21. I think most of us have negative experiences with condescending behavior from others. No good comes out of someone getting "annoyed" at you just because you're depressed. What's even worse, is the fact that he thinks that "you should just deal with it" Have you told him how harsh his words are? If your boyfriend doesn't apologize and try to make up for his actions, you'd be better off leaving him. Usually people don't mean it and stop when you explain how wrong they are, so let's hope it doesn't escalate to that point. Good luck.
  22. I remember this one moment I had, I guess I was looking really depressed, and this guy comes up to me close and starts smiling and dancing in front of me. Like, what the hell, can you go ahead and be weird to someone else? I really wanted to punch him, but there were a lot of people there.
  23. That's the same reason I have depression. I've realized that I have accomplished things, it's up to me to define what "success" is. I try to take pride in all my accomplishments, even the little ones, like getting up in the morning, brushing my teeth...etc. Remember that someone else's success doesn't make you a failure. Forget what society, your parents, or your peers deem as adequacy.
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