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  1. Thanks! I'm hope to offer as much support as possible. I have years of experience dealing with this junk! :)
  2. I'm new as well...40, married with 2 children. It's hard to feel so alone when constantly surrounded by people, at least it is for me. I struggle with anxiety and depression, which is sort of like feeling everything and nothing at all. Trying to get through it while still being a good mom is challenging! But we're both here, looking for support! That means something! (((HUGS))) I hope you are able to find some support here.
  3. I'm a mom to 2 young kids and I struggle with depression/anxiety. It's tough to find balance when you're barely able to get out of bed in the morning. I try to find time, even just a few minutes here and there, to sit and enjoy my kids. It can be anything, from sitting and reading a book together for a minute or just snuggling in front of the TV. Family movie night has become my favorite time of the week, when we all just sit together, watching a movie and eating popcorn. And I do what I can to be outside with them as much as possible. My kids love to have picnics in our yard. We just cook something simple on the grill and eat it on a blanket in the grass. I've even picked up a cheap pizza and had that for dinner in the yard. I don't know how old your kids are. Mine are still both in elementary school. The early years were harder as my kids needed more hands on attention. As they got older, it got easier. Mostly now, they need my time...time to help them with homework or watch them ride bikes or play tetherball. Also, I've read to my kids about anxiety and depression (our favorites are, "Is a Worry Worrying You and Up and Down the Worry Hill). I'm sure there are books for kids about depression. It helped my kids to understand what I was going through, even at a basic level. And it helped me to learn how to talk to them about it. It DOES get easier! Hang in there and keep talking about it! You'll get through it!
  4. Wow...I could have written your post. I'm new here too and my anxiety/depression is always worse in the mornings. Like you, I go to bed optimistic about the next day only to wake up feeling drained and stressed. I've tried a few things...meditation before bed and another short one right when I wake up does help a bit. I even bought a slow waking alarm clock that simulates the sunrise and wakes me up to birds chirping or thunderstorms rather than a typical alarm clock sound. It also helps a bit, but nothing has worked 100% yet. I think cortisol has a lot to do with it. What helps me the most is a good cardio workout before bed and a handful of supplements in the morning! I'm also using bio-identical hormones and I dose myself in the morning...but that's not for everyone. I've just found that my hormone levels have a lot to do with my anxiety/depression. I wish I could help more! (((HUGS))) and good luck!
  5. Hello! I'm new to this site. I've struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life and depression for the last few years. I do currently see a doctor...a couple of doctors actually...who do their best to keep me "level" and I hope to start back into therapy soon. But there are days when I just need to hear a friendly voice (or in this case, see some friendly words) to get me through. I've always found writing to be therapeutic as well as helping others so here I am!
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