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  1. a person can't be blamed (validly) for thoughts which they didn't choose
  2. FROM DF: THIS MEMBER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR TROLLING. THIS POST IS UNHELPFUL AT BEST AND EMOTIONALLY DAMAGING AT WORST. THERE ARE NO SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO DEPRESSION, AND IT IS NOT A SIMPLE MISTAKE OR POINT OF VIEW PROBLEM. STATING CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS AS FACT IS BAITING AND TROLLING. UNHELPFUL OR FLAMING POSTS IN THIS THREAD HAVE BEEN HIDDEN. ==================================== the true cause of depression is ignorance (ie false beliefs), amnesia, & unquestioningly believing false information from other people. In fact it's impossible to be depressed unless you believe (false) information from other people. People are unreliable sources of information, & our own thoughts are also unreliable (they are often replays of things other people have said), you have to check everything. You probably dont believe this, but what do you believe instead? & what is the evidence? It's worth thinking about
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