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  1. Bye, Guys!!  Thanks for making a squirrel feel special.  I'll miss you.  :icon12:


    1. hocico


      Aww :sadwalk:I feel like crying now, I am going to miss you being on here sweet squirrel :console:

    2. samadhiSheol
  2. Hi, Sheepy!!

    I hope you are doing well, and that you stop in to see us again soon!!  :flowers:


  3. I noticed your birthday is tomorrow, so

    Happy Early Birthday !!!!!!   :Party_fest30:

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    2. LostLink


      I am okay. Simultaneously high on life and suffering; like it two different worlds.

      How has your realty reality shaken out since we spoke? I hope it is as good as possible.

    3. LostLink


      And TY for the flower!!!


    4. LoneSquirrel


      Well, I'm hoping for a hospitalization soon.  I'm not well.  I don't know what else to do. 

  4. Happy Birthday, theguy!!  :Party_fest30:

  5. Happy Birthday, AllieBee!!!  :Party_fest30:

  6. My computer is having issues again, and it's at the repair shop.  

    I probably won't be on much until this gets resolved.

    See you later, guys!! 

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    2. LoneSquirrel



      Sometimes it puts on lipstick too.

      :flirt: :winkkiss:

    3. hocico


      LOL yeah and sometimes it wears a suit and cheap aftershave and comes out with corny lines :laugh:

    4. LoneSquirrel


      Or it wears a halloween costume, with a beautiful mask that fools you into believing it's something great.

  7. Hi guys!!  My computer crapped out on me and it's at the repair shop.  The man at the shop said I may not get it back before Christmas. :cry: I'm so sad, and going through withdrawals already.  I hope to see you all soon.  ::sniff::

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    2. LoneSquirrel


      Thanks guys!!  They are replacing my hard drive.  I should get a call back next week.

      I won't have some of my files after this.  A letter I wrote to my Dad after he died is gone forever, along with a few other precious mementos.  :tear2:

      I just want this crap to be over. I'm tired of things constantly going wrong.

    3. Natasha1


      ugh me too...for you...me...and all of df. im sorry LS

    4. LoneSquirrel


      I got my computer back...but it's going to take a very long time for me to get the settings back to what they were, I think.  For some reason, Internet Explorer isn't working correctly since I got my computer back, so I'm using Firefox now. :luvfirefox:   I can't figure out how to change the touch pad settings, and that is driving me crazy.  :glare:


  8. Where are you, Nopawn??  I'm worried about you.

  9. Happy Birthday, XDV!!!  :birfdayCake:  :Party_fest30:

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VEGA57!!  :birfdayCake:  :party:

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    2. LoneSquirrel


      Tell them you'll only go shopping at the Home Depot and Lowe's...then see how they feel about it.  heh

    3. vega57


      I actually took them to a small independent store that sells German power tools, can't remember the name but it worked. Lol. We were in there about 5 minutes tops and got the power tool I wanted for my birthday. Yep these are not the stores for most women unless shopping for the male in their family. But I stress most. Txs again so much. I really hope you had a wonderful day and that your tomorrow's will be even more awesome. 

    4. LoneSquirrel


      LoL!!  I'm glad you got what you wanted and didn't have to suffer!!  :laugh:  It was your birthday, after all!!

      Enjoy that new power tool!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, evalynn!!  :Party_fest30:  Sorry I missed it.

    1. evalynn


      Thanks! And it's ok--I stopped counting at 25. lol

    2. LoneSquirrel
  12. I hope you're doing alright.  Are you okay?

  13. Still missing you.  I hope the reason you're not here is that you're out doing wonderful things and enjoying life!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Anony!!!


    1. LouisRiel


      Thank you Squirrel

    2. LoneSquirrel


      You are welcome!!  I hope it's been a great one!!

  15. Hi Nisemono!!  I miss you.  I hope you're doing alright. :hugs:

    1. LoneSquirrel


      You crack me up, Nisemono!!!  :hugs:

      I'm kind of on a crappy streak right now (nice mental picture, eh?), but maybe things will get better soon.  We'll see.  I'm just feeling s***ty about life, and it's wearing on me.  Trying to find some sort of joie de vivre, and it's not working. :glare:

    2. LoneSquirrel


      Okay.  I will.  :Coopwink:

  16. Happy Birthday, Almha!!!

    :birfdayCake:  :party:

    1. ForegoneConclusion


      May all your birthday wishes come true!

    2. Almha


      Oh gosh, thanks kindly Lone & Foregone! This is definitely the cherry on top to such a already splendid day. Much appreciated! :D 

  17. Happy Belated B-Day, Barrier Maiden!!!

    :bestwishes:  :Birthday12:




  18. Happy Birthday, Barrier Maiden!!!

    :bestwishes:   :Birthday12:

    1. LoneSquirrel


      Oh, shoot.  I just read some of his old posts, and he said he turned 29 on August 16...that he put a fake b-day on the site.  LoL


    2. Barrier Maiden

      Barrier Maiden

      Thank you, I appreciate it!

  19. Happy Birthday, 20YearsandCounting!!!

    :birfdayCake:     :Party_fest30:

    1. Mikayla


      Joining LoneSquirrel.

      Happy birthday 20YearsandCounting!:flowers:

  20. Hi, Adam!!

    I hope you are doing well.  Have a good day!!


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    2. LoneSquirrel


      Well, I'm having medical problems, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

    3. Just Adam

      Just Adam

      Oh man. Sorry to hear that. I'm still trying to get over my medical issues myself. Making progress though.

      Good luck!

    4. LoneSquirrel


      Thanks, Adam.  I'm glad you're doing better. :smile:

  21. Hi, Nisemono!!

    I hope you're having a good day.

    I'm sending you squirrel kisses.


    1. LoneSquirrel


      LoL, Nisemono, it's okay!!  I'm glad to hear that your day went pretty well.  If you ever want to talk, just PM me, okay? :Coopwink:

  22. I hope you feel better soon, BettrResults.

    Sending you hugs!!

    1. BettrResultsHereIHope
    2. LoneSquirrel


      Hi there!!  I can see from your posts that you've been struggling.  Do you have anyone who you see for counseling and/or meds right now?

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