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  1. I'm sorry for being away for so long I'll have to catch up with you hope you have been doing well *hugs*

    1. hocico


      Hey Aki, ah it's grand so :smile: it hasn't been that long so don't worry :laugh: *hugs*  how are getting on at the moment? Things are pretty good here, did a few events last week which proved fun :smile: and actually managed to wake up early enough to volunteer this week :laugh: , it would be great to catch up with you. 

      Look forward to reply,



  2. I'm sorry for being away for so long :(...

    1. babyxgothxx


      Aww it's okay! Take as many rests as you need... We will always be here for you! :console: :icon12: :console::icon12:

  3. I apologize for my absence... I've been having mild anxiety attacks these past few nights before bed :tear2: that uneasy feeling and racing heart is so stressful.

    1. velvetpuddles


      Oh no! I hope you're feeling better!

    2. hocico


      Aw I feel sad you feel like that at the moment buddy :console:I was wondering if you were okay when you weren't about for a few days. I hope you're feeling better soon and things feel calmer so you can get to sleep easier at night :hugs:

    3. babyxgothxx


      Hope you're okay and feeling better, dear... Panic attacks are very stressful to go through... :console:

      If you need to talk, we're here :hugs::icon12:

  4. Same here everytime you try and go out... it's like poison in your vains. The outcasts, pariahs, and misfits of society.
  5. Does anyone else here struggle with jealousy and envy... whenever you're out in public and you see so many other people your age hanging out with their friends and you realize every where you go and everything you do is that you are always alone in all that you do...
  6. Out in public envying other people my age hanging out with their friends... looking at myself always doing stuff alone.
  7. I like how you think and how it doesn't hurt you as badly. I've been doing alright... sick of love so much BS too much effort and the same outcome all the time.
  8. Having feelings for someone just brings sorrow to someone else. Someone always gets sacrificed and suffers. If this is what it means to fall in love, then falling in love is terrible.

    A Lull in the Sea ~

    Sometimes we love the person who ignores us. And in turn ignore the person who loves us.

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    2. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      :hugs:*hugs you back*  I usually try to forget the pain and move on even if I'm alone. 


    3. babyxgothxx


      Honey, I don't think I would be able to survive this... Sorry... I can't explain what has just happened :broken_heart: *hugs YOU lots* :hugs:

    4. Aki Sky

      Aki Sky

      Pm me you can talk to me if you would like too. :console:what's wrong??

  9. Time heals the heart in time it will heal. But the scars/memories remain.
  10. Feeling cold hearted, numb, depressed, apathy and sluggish... I don't know why but it's come over me today like a silent storm.
  11. Somethings are just not meant to be.

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