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  1. Hi helplesswife, Welcome! I must agree with the others when it comes to counselling, it's a great starting point. Another option may be a psychologist to help him figure things out. Which ever option you choose, just remember that 5% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Good Luck. ?
  2. Hi and welcome Pip. Hope you become happier in life. Happy to be encouraging where and when I can. Always happy to lend an ear too! ?
  3. Hi and Welcome. I hope being here helps you get by.
  4. Hi Jana, Im a newbie here as well. I hope you find the answers you are looking for to get your life back on track. Take Care. ?
  5. Hi All, I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. I'm Jason, I live in an area called the Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia. I wanted to join a forum as I am tired and exhausted of going through life having people around me not understand what's going on in my head and heart. I'm tired of feeling frustrated and alone and things lately are really getting worse. The feelings are getting more angry, upsetting and the thoughts are getting a lot darker. Life is losing hope at times. I'm starting to lose a lot of respect and hope towards society and feel like becoming some kind of hermit. My family life, social life and work life have all been massively affected and it's time to get a grip on things and get back in control. Im here to learn from those experiencing the same as me and to also hopefully contribute as well. Thanks for having me.
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