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  1. A lack of social connection can definitely hurt. Having solid support networks helps, same for just being able to call someone up and go out to distract yourself. Having people to talk to who can be empathetic and understanding, and help you get through the tough times as a friend. I've parted from most of my high school friends and I live in a pretty insular area, so meeting people is hard.
  2. Got in a nice long walk in the snow. Only like 30 degrees out -- not cold around here!
  3. Haha, I did seriously research the possibility at one point while I was trying to get some short stories published. Just to see what people who had met with some success had to say about it. Needless to stay, I stopped shortly after that because the "reward" and the process were both so awful to me. I looked into some of those articles and they're pretty good so far.
  4. Yep. It is a skeevy term in my mind, too. Love writing short stories? Maybe I'm meant to be a professional author working under tight deadlines and networking myself half to death to get my name out there, studying audiences and marketing my work for them. Ugh. Somehow the idea of a passion sucks the fun out of everything and puts so much more pressure on me.
  5. I've played video games since I was small, and also eventually started to feel that it was wasteful. I played "hardcore" in MMOs for a while, too. I haven't stopped entirely, but I did stop playing with people who treated the games like a job, or who were overly concerned with ranking, etc. I don't think you need to remove video games from your life, but investing in other long-term activities can help. There's a big difference between watching movies, eating out at restaurants, etc, and learning how to play a musical instrument, learning home improvement skills, doing volunteer work, writing stories and novels, or taking care of animals. Just things that allow you to explore what you value, engage with things outside of the game world, and find things you care about. You don't have to like all of it, maybe you prefer family to friendship and dating or bookstores to theaters. There are some growing pains, but I think everyone has interests and an identity outside of games if they dig for it.
  6. I feel the same way. I think that when I'm working, I can at least go home and say, "Good job, you were productive and got through another day." Weekends I'm left alone trying to fill the time, and sometimes there's just not enough to fill it with. I can watch a movie, but that only takes two hours. I can work on some music, but that'll last for what, one or two? There's still a lot of the day left. Funny how it's possible to look forward to the weekend during a tough workday and then feel completely differently about it when it arrives.
  7. I would find this useful, too. I don't know what members here could offer in terms of solutions, but even to have honest conversations on it would be a relief. I left a career because it was isolating and had poor work-life balance that worsened my depression. Now I'm so lost in the sea of "do what you're passionate about" advice. I'm not passionate about anything to the point where I want to pursue it as my One Big Life Goal.
  8. I think the change is a big part of it. We have to learn and adjust to so much new stuff, and oftentimes we weren't really prepared for it (a lot of overgeneralized advice, etc). Work becomes important, while it was just a bonus as a teenager for most people to have your own spending money. That, and people and the media talk so much about college-age youth, that you'd think it's the only time people are making new friends, falling in love, and doing new things.
  9. I never realized how much stuff I have that I don't even want until I started packing to move. Where did it come from?
  10. Expected it to snow today, and I get at least one more day of decent weather before winter sets in.
  11. I found a book called Doctor Who and Philosophy that's good for light reading. I was reading The Pragmatic Programmer but honestly, I think it's more for employed programmers than hobbyists.
  12. Sleepy Gotta Finish
  13. I saw Thor: Ragnarok in theaters with my dad and brother a couple weeks ago. I didn't want to like it (it sounds so silly), but it was really fun to get into.
  14. I need a break from cleaning and packing. I just want to be alone and veg out for a while.
  15. I can see how that would be aggravating even if they have the best of intentions. My brother and I have both struggled with depression, but I'm not sure if the family notices. Even though I was once on medication, my mother legitimately asked me one day while talking about my brother if I've ever been depressed. I used to get pressured about things that were affected by depression, such as my desire to often be alone or my struggles with finding and keeping work. That only made me feel more self-conscious about it.
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