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  1. Well today I went back to the doctor. I just couldn't take it anymore. Yep, still sick. Still vomiting. I feel like complete s***. It's been 7 days now with no improvement. I have gone multiple days without eating, because I'm scared too. Last night I decided to eat before going to bed that way I'd be asleep and hopefully nothing would bother me throughout the night. Nothing bothered me, but when I woke up this morning my stomach was ******* me. I went in the bathroom and it all came back up. Enough of this s***. I hate going to the doctor. Everyone knows it, so if I do go you know something bad. She said she thinks I did catch the bug, because it is going around, but she also thinks Im having really bad side effects from prozac. I started prozac Weds. and have been sick since. SO no more of that. She is putting me on Celexa. I'm gonna start it tomorrow. I wish this would go away. I'm useless like this. I can't stand it. My house is really bothering me. Adam had been sort of picking up. He wouldn't let it get trashed, but not the way I keep it. And he would go to bed with tons of dishes in the sink. The laundry is piling up, and they forgot about my d*** ferrets. That pi**es me off. Seriouly how do you forget to feed the ferrets. I'm USELESS sick. I need well so I can do my job!!! I broke down one day and cleaned the house, and by the time I was done I felt worse. Blah!!! And OMG Bubby came home today. Apparently a kid took a gun to school. He rides their bus too. Finally at school someone told, but apparently kids knew and didn't tell. So they sent a note home saying parents need to talk to their kids. It's common sense.. This is middle school we're talking about.
  2. So the past few days we (my 22 month old and I) have been so sick. I got it first. It was the evening after I started prozac, I slept like sh*t and my body was hurting so bad. Well I chalked it up as one of the side effects since I've read "flu like" symptoms may occur. Then my son wakes up and he is vomiting and feverish. For the past 2 days he hasn't kept anything down, and I've slept like s*** with a stomach ache and body aches. SOOO I guess it was the flu we caught and it wasn't the meds keeping me feeling like crap. I was beginning to wonder. I just hope we get to feeling better. I hate him being miserable and I can't fix it, and I hate being sick when he is. Thank goodness Adam was off this weekend so I can just be lazy in my bed. OMG my house needs a cleaning badly. I'm afraid if I do that today then it's going to make me feel worse. Hopefully by tomorrow Im back to my old self.
  3. Thank you both. I appreciate that. I'm not liking how it's making me feel. I am so nauseated, my body aches all night, I toss and turn, and sometimes can't go back to sleep. OMG I hope this passes, because I really feel like sh*t!!!
  4. My sister dedicated this song to me. I dedicate it to my best friend T. Its like she wrote this song about me, except I don't think I'm ******* perfect, but a good song..... Made a wrong turn Once or twice Dug my way out Blood and fire Bad decisions That's alright Welcome to my silly life Mistreated this place Misunderstood Miss knowin' it's all good It didnt slow me down. Mistakin' Always second guessin' Underestimatin' Look I'm still around Pretty, pretty please Dont you ever, ever feel Like you're less than ****in' perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like you're nothin' You're ****in' perfect to me You're so mean When you talk About yourself, you were wrong Change the voices in your head Make them like you instead So complicated Look how we all make it Filled with so much hatred Such a tired game It's enough I've done all I can think of Chased down all my demons I've seen you do the same Ooooh Pretty, pretty please Dont you ever, ever feel Like you're less than ****in' perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like you're nothin' You're ****in' perfect to me The whole worlds scared So I swallow the fear The only thing I should be drinking Is an ice cold alcohol So cool in line And we try, try, try But we try too hard And it's a waste of my time Done looking for the critics Cause they're everywhere They don't like my jeans They don't get my hair Strange ourselves And we do it all the time Why do we do that? Why do I do that? Why do I do that? Yeeeeaaaahhh Oooooooh Oh pretty, pretty please Pretty, pretty please Dont you ever, ever feel Like you're less than ****in' perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like you're nothin' You're ****in' perfect to me You're perfect, you're perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like you're nothin' You're ****in' perfect to me
  5. Prozac is added to the mix. Hopefully I find some balance and calmness, because this sadness and anxiety is too much to handle. It's literally making me sick!! Anywho, I'm gonna eat fresh tonight. Yummmmm lol

    1. justoneday10


      Hi there! I was just wonderin how you were feeling? Is the prozac helping? I know its hard sometimes to be sure what next step should be..circumstances at a particular time make a huge difference..my meds -esp dosages-change often because of my home situation, my serious $$ issues, etc! I always feel better after telling someone-whether doc, therapist or someone here..have a great night

    2. Dark Priestess

      Dark Priestess

      Actually I am off of the prozac. The day after I started them I woke up feeling like I had the flu. It's been a week and I can't keep any food down, and my stomach hurts constantly. So she switched me to Celexa today. We shall see.

  6. Thank you both for your kind words, and quick response!!!
  7. So I've been on wellbutrin 150 mg 2x day since August, been battling depression and anxiety since my mom passed away in April. Wellbutrin worked great at first, but the past few days I've fallen back into *****. I'm also taking buspirone. I went back to the doctor today and she added fluoxetine in with the mix. Starting out at 20 mg once daily for a week and then up it to 2x a day. My question is anyone else taking a combination of prozac & wellbutrin and if so do you take them at the same time together?? or seperate. She wasn't specific on that. Also has it been a good combination??? TIA
  8. The past few days/weekish haven't been so well. Not sure if it's the meds, or if it's my fault for being irresponsible about taking them. I don't have a set time, and sometimes I forget the second pills. I just feel blank, and emotionless. I feel like my friends don't acknowledge what I am going through. Like I should just be fine. Accept it and move on. I hurt from this and will for a long time. A part of me changed and will never be the same. I'm not walking around moping. I keep a clean house, and the family eats a hot meal together every single night. So it's not like I'm laying in bed boo hooing. But it's still there. Like a heavy weight on my heart. But when my kids are around I don't feel that way. They are so special to me. Each and everyone of my babies have saved me. I love them with all my heart. I LOVE LOVE my family. I have good kids. Four babies and they are the best kids ever. 16, 13, 12, & 22 month We are a loud fun family. Ha ha. New Hoarders tonight. Ah, these people creep me out.
  9. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

  10. Thanks for responding. Sorry it's been awhile since I've gotten back on here. I'm sorry about you losing your mother, and your boyfriend of 10 years. Not to mention your remaining family members. My family pretty much fell apart when my mom died, so I know what it's like. I didn't think this is what would happen, and sometimes it's a lot to swallow, but I do the best I can. I just wanted to say I'm sorry and I appreciate your kind words.
  11. I think I might need new meds =/

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    2. Dark Priestess

      Dark Priestess

      I'm really not sure, thinking it's a combination of everything going on. Went to the doc today and she added prozac in the mix so we shall see!!

    3. angelicskye


      well, good luck with prozac. I hope it helps you and you feel better soon!!!

    4. Dark Priestess

      Dark Priestess

      Ugh, it made me sick =/ Going to start Celexa tomorrow. Thank you!

  12. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  13. A few days ago I lost my best friend. She decided to basically run away. Left her husband and daughter and just took off. Wouldn't tell me/anyone where she was going. Talk to me s***ty on the phone when I called her freaking out. Found out she has kept a ton of things secret from me and our other bf T. She was having issues with her husband I won't throw on here, but that is why she took off. I had a planned housewarming party on Sun. which they had both originally been invited too. Like the day before she RSVP'd she wouldn't be there. Ok fine. I knew she wouldn't like being there anyways, but I still let her husband come. I was excited about seeing their daughter. I hadn't seen her in a long minute, because yeah my mom passed away in April and I haven't been the best of friend to ANYONE. So yeah, was excited about seeing their daughter, and having their daughter play with my son. She throws at me that I'm basically a s***ty friend, because I was all buddy buddy with her husband, and betrayed her. I didn't want to get in the middle of it. I wasn't choosing her husband's side. It wasn't like that at all. I always tell him when he ****s up. He isn't innocent, but neither is she. She also deleted/blocked me on FB. That was it for me. I can't take this anymore. I'm freaking hurting over this s***!! I love her and she will never know how much! She also deleted/blocked T and messaged her multipe times saying how s***ty of friends we were. Yet any and every time she has NEEDED us we have always been there. I'm sorry you grow up and you can't spend every week hanging out with your friends. I'm sorry that I can't up and leave the house at night, because my husband is working third shift, and I choose not to leave my four kids here alone, youngest still a baby!! And I understand that you can't leave either, but I'm not angry with you over that. We are grown women trying to raise a family. You hit each other up when you can. Not to mention half the time she won't answer the phone or text. She says we all get together (there is/was 3 of us in the group that hangs out) without her, but we use to ask her all the time when my husband was in Iraq, but she either never responded, replied no, or said her hubby would get mad. Eventually everyone did quit asking. She knew we got together once a week to hang out, so she could have been there. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I wish the meds would be working right now, because they aren't. It's only been 10 days =/ I know I need to give it more time!But I hate the way I feel. I've lost my Mom and my BF all within 3 1/2 months. FML
  14. Grrr, my honeymoon effect is gone. I started off great. The side effects weren't even as bad as they were the first time I started wellbutrin!! But d*** I had so much energy....I was wired. I was a cleaning like there was no tomorrow. And it's all gone. I'm just back to not wanting to do anything, wanting to be lazy. Ugh. So not me. I know the rollercoaster with this med. I do, so I'm not too concerned, I just want the good back!! At least I'm not an emotional wreck over the death of my Mom. It's not that I refuse to deal with it, but I can't let it consume me. I have a husband and four children that need me. I want to be the BEST mom I can be to them, and I can't do that depressed!! Hmm...going on a rant! I got to finally see the first episode of Scream Queen 2 tonight, and now I'm gonna catch up on a couple episodes of Big Brother 2. So sad that I have so many reality shows I watch, that I have to catch them on demand. Lmfao I have major insomnia since going on this med, even though before going on it, I was up on and off all night anyways.... Night Y'all
  15. OMG I got prego and just never came back. So sorry. I was told it's safe to take the meds while pregnant, but they can't tell me 100% safe, because no one is just going to let them "test" on their fetus. Which is totally understandable...I just stopped taking it while I was pregnant. And here I am, back on them!!!
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