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  1. Last game I played was Dead Space 3 Co-op mode on the PS3. It's an alright game as far as Dead Space games go, but in co-op mode it is really fun. But other than that I tend to play games like Battlefield (Bad company 2, Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline) and some Call of Duty games. They are really fun online multiplayer shooters (even though I'm a pretty terrible shot :P).
  2. Note: Post will contain spoilers. Aliens (I have watched it once before the re-watch, but I felt like popping it back into the dvd player), I thought it was an average popcorn flick. Problem I thought was the fact that we have marines going around carrying guns and that the Xenemorph(s) can now be killed by human bullets. In the original "Alien", the Xenemorph was a perfect organism, not so much here. While expansion of the lore is somewhat appreciated, I think I like the idea of taking humans and mutating them into eggs better than an Alien queen giving birth to them. Something about being in constant pain as your body mutates into a facehugger egg is so much more terrifying than watching an Alien queen giving birth. In the original, the crew felt more human and relatable than most of the marines who were just overconfident, or nonchalant, or acted big but when it counted, they were the first ones to start crying. The original film's cast felt more sensible, they panicked, but had the common sense to do something to survive. The chest buster scene is still so iconic and impactful even to this day. The whole facehugger concept sends shivers down my spine in the original because we get to see so little of it in action (this left it up to the viewer's imagination). Plus watching how the impregenation process took place via the biology study was far more fascinating than any of the action scenes from Aliens. Original just has that timeless value of being a thriller, horror, mystery and monster movie due to how powerless the crew really is. Again, in Aliens they changed it so it becomes all out war, even though the marines do get slaughtered mostly. It is a great movie for those days where you just feel like popping in something action packed to watch as you chow down your popcorn. But from a thematic, and an iconic perspective, the original can never be triumphed.
  3. @Misanthrop, that is a good point you make. @Corbin, in that instance your only option left maybe a part-time job or online freelancer work if you are able to handle the study load on top of having job commitments.
  4. @Corbin, join the club buddy :). I suppose being a job hunter myself I can attest to the mental difficulties one may face during a prolonged job hunt. Trust me, I have been there many times and am there again. But don't let your mind wander into the negative territory of suicide! Before you continue reading, know that I don't know your situation exactly so I can't give precise advice. Take what I say here with a grain of salt. Also long post ahead ahoy! With every generation of human society, it has been an increasingly difficult task securing employment. In today's world that is both politically and economically uncertain, this holds truer than before. BUT that doesn't mean that you don't have a future. Your future is what you make of it, not what your employment will carve out for you. Meaning, for employment if you aren't having any luck in the field you studied for, then try getting a job in something else. It's a bummer, spending lots of money and time to get a piece of paper only to realize the brutal world of job hunting, I know. But the world stops for no one, and one of the greatest traits of humans is to be adaptable. Have you considered getting a part-time job while you look for full-time work? If part-time hasn't panned out. Have you considered volunteering to get the experience necessary for either part-time or full-time work? How are you conducting your job search, is it mostly online or do you make use of any networking contacts that you have? What I am about to say may not sit well with you, so keep in mind that I say this with the intention of helping. Go find ANY legal work that you can and I mean anything within your respectable zone. Should you succeed, keep on looking for the type of job you actually want in the grand scheme of things. That way, you have some income coming in while you continue your job search after work or on your days off. Other things you can try: - Start a small online business. - Start a low cost local business. - Start a blog which you can grow to start getting sponsorship opportunities and adverts revenue from. - Think of improving yourself through other means than just college. This point is really dependent on your career field. Some careers don't even need college but are required by employers for that piece of paper. Careers like IT have so much knowledge online that college nowdays for programming seems to be somewhat of a waste. Only really useful for making friends and industry contacts as well as career services. While there are other careers that can't be self-taught due to a lack of free information or equipment. If this is a matter of self-improvement as a person, then consider taking up a new hobby. Perhaps meet new people and go on adventures with them to experience what you normally wouldn't be able to by yourself. - Try contacting the career services of your college if you are a recent graduate. - Try going into informational interviews, you can use this opportunity to make contacts, market your skills and get feedback on your resume and anything else you see fitting to require constructive criticism on. Those are just some points. The business points I realize still require capital which you may not have. There is always the prospect of partnerships to help with that. But if you research online what else you can do, surely there must be more popping up than what my limited knowledge can provide right now. You may not like reading this right now, and honestly sometimes I forget to follow this, but don't let life get you down like this. Don't take things seriously all the time, we all grow old eventually and the things that seem so mind wrecking right now may seem like a laughable matter in our old age. Live life with a certain level of seriousness, but not so much that it begins to suck the joy out of it. Laugh, eat, sleep and experience things this planet has to offer other than worrying about a 9 to 5 job. If you are trying your absolute best in your job search, then you can't really ask for any more than that out of yourself. Job search is like communication, it is a two way street. You did your best, the rest is left up into the hands of the potential employers. Don't be afraid to ask for help from others if you ever need it in sustaining your standard of living. And if you ever need to, there is no shame in going on government programs as you are simply doing what is necessary to survive a harsh society. No one will ever have the right to judge you for it. :) Again, since I don't know your exact situation I can't be specific myself. I do however hope that some of these points helps, or at least alleviate the heavy feelings on your mind by knowing that you are not alone. There are others out there that feel like this, for it is only natural and human to do so.
  5. @The_Catalyst, oh yes the competition is savage at times whether it be for internships or jobs. I practically had to talk my way into an internships when no other company was hiring. Had to put on my special negotiation hat for that, I remember going to several meetings but managed to somehow secure one. Unfortunately it was an unpaid one and while it was really good experience, it was with a non-profit organization which many for-profit seemed to not like apparently. If music is something you are lacking the drive for right now, consider taking up creative writing until you can build up your discipline for a bigger challenge. Music definitely takes more commitment on the part of the learner than creative writing does as you most likely already have all the necessary tools. Plus, who knows, maybe you might end up writing something that may someday get published for the public :). I personally find creative writing to be a great creative facet. It also gives an opportunity to explore one's own imagination and escape reality for a while to de-stress.
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