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  1. Well I'm about 6 weeks in on taking 60 mg of cymbalta and... I still don't feel more or less energy I feel just normal. As for depression and mood its still kinda bla I mean its NOTHING compared to how much better I felt on Effexor as far as moods, motivation, sex drive. Before Effexor pooped out that is. So ya cymbalta just doesn't seem to be giving any benefits.. The only thing I've really noticed from cymbalta is a certain numbness too anything funny, sad, or stressful, just has me at an emotional flatline. Hard to explain I'm not happy or depressed just bla. And that's not me I'm normally crazy funny, creative, spontaneous and have plenty emotions when I'm at my best.. And Effexor gave that back to me before it crapped out so idk maybe I just need to quit antidepressants altogether and try good ol diet and exercise ? I'm really leaning toward just quitting cymbalta. And as for Effexor I'd be afraid to waist time trying it again only for it to crap out on me.
  2. Hi I'm jack and I'm 31 years I recently started on cymbalta 30mg and have been on it for 12 days now to help with depression/anxiety and so far the only thing I've noticed was some mild nausea during the first 5 days then that kinda settled down and now I'm on day 12 and not noticing any improvement in mood, energy, motivation nothin. Is it too early to make an assessment? Should I call doc and ask her to up the dose? Or do you all think I should give this more time??
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