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  1. That sounds bad. Hopefully you're holding up. I think that's something we all dread. Is this recent or a marriage from years ago?
  2. If you think you're having problems with your CO you've come to the right place. All of us here are on different levels of happiness or unhappiness with our obsession. We're here to help and give advice. The biggest thing (at least for me) is acceptance. Whatever the celeb does or whom they're with there's not much we can do about it. If people, either the media or just regular folk say something mean or unkind about our CO, what can we do? Best bet is just to move on and forget about it. We can't change opinions and if we try, it can be a frustrating adventure. I enjoy my CO, her name is Reina. She's a model from Japan. She's a eurasian gal. She makes me incredibly happy. Like you, I think of her 24/7. But I do not think it's unhealthy for me or my situation. If you think it's unhealthy to have this obsession, I think it's best to quit cold turkey and do not pay attention to them. Delete their social media pages and be done with them. I personally don't believe in baby steps to wean yourself off a so called addiction. (Being obsessed with a celeb can be an addiction) The biggest thing for me is drinking. I just quit it one day, never touched it since. It's been 18 years since I had my last drink. I didn't work at it, I just stopped. If you keep stimulating yourself with even just a little, you will long for it. You will daydream and think about your next fix. It will become the most important thing in the world to you. For example. You cut down to viewing your CO's social media to once per week. You still wilt see them, you will get that fix. Your addiction will not go away. You will live for your fix. Now if you quit completely. It will be painful at first. But you will forget about them. They will disappear into the sands of time. With some celebs, it's tougher. They're in our face all the time. For me, it's all or nothing. If I can't enjoy Reina, why should I bother with her? With all that said. If you stick around, you will get advice from others. You just have to do what works for you.
  3. Yes, the social media and fan sites can be terrible. Unfortunately, I cannot get my Reina fix without visiting them. I even made an Instagram account dedicated to Reina, I post pics frequently. I sometimes I feel like I'm in a competition to see who loves Reina the most. Some of the fans are downright strange. One can't keep talking about how she looks fat. Fat? She's very thin. She's 5'6" and weighs a little over 100 LBS. With Reina being a model, I suspect a lot of her fans are young women who want to look and dress like her. She has 1.4 million Instagram followers, so I'm just a nameless face of many following her account. Maybe Reina will notice my account, or the 2 other ones I have. Yahoo groups and Pinterest. I can only wish. The only thing good about Reina and social media is it's vastly different in Asia than the US or Europe. We know all know how it is over here. It's all about relationships and baby bumps. It's sickening if you're obsessed with a celeb, especially if they're all over the news with their partner. At work I was talking to an Asian guy about this and he told me something interesting. According to him, in Japan (where Reina lives and works) they don't like broadcasting relationships. Because if they did, the celeb wouldn't be as popular. They like the fantasy of hope. If you don't see your obsession with a lover, there's always hope it may be you who wins their heart. It makes the obsession more real and less stressful. He even said, in some cases the celeb isn't even allowed to date. If any of this is true, and it seems to be when you compare Asian celebs to Western ones, my Reina obsession is much more fulfilling and vastly less stressful. It's nice I don't have to read about or see her with some guy all the time. I feel bad for those of you who have to see it. Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy the show perfectcircle77. It must be nice seeing your CO in the flesh.
  4. Here's why I try not to get upset with Reina. Years ago I had a crush or obsession with a girl at school. It was either her or nothing. I pretty much ruined my last year and half of school. This girl wasn't in my social circle, I never even had her in a class of mine. In fact, I never said a word to her. I was insanely obsessed with her. I spent many days and nights locked in my bedroom pouting and whining over her. I even had a chance to date a few nice girls, but no. They weren't my crush, so I didn't pursue them. Those days were completely ruined by the way I thought of that girl. Another girl who was in my social group I wanted to date. She said "no". I should have just forgotten her, but I become obsessive. My nickname for her was stress. I ended up cutting my wrist. I was drinking a lot then and just went off the deep end. And finally, the last one. At a place where I worked there was this girl I liked. I just went nuts over her, but it wasn't in the cards to go out with her. So I started to drink a lot, my temper got out of control and I finally was fired. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I moved out of town, got a job which grew into a good one. Quit drinking, 18 years now. After all these years I have a crush again, which of course is Reina. So instead of losing my mind and ruining my life over Reina, I'm just going to enjoy her. I've experienced pain from past crushes and I never want to do that again. And the other thing about Reina, she can be a wonderful barrier between women I meet in real life, in a good way. For example. There's a young lady at work who I kind of like. She's too young for me to pursue. So instead of focusing on her and making myself depressed, I focus on Reina. Reina in her own way, takes me by the hand and protects me from going nuts over another girl. If I focused on the young lady I work with, it wouldn't go well. With Reina watching over, I actually enjoy having a quick chat or just saying hi to the young lady. If she asked me out, I would be happy, but I'm not counting on it, so I focus on Reina, I'm happy. That's all the matters to me. I wish I had my Reina years ago. Life would've turned out better.
  5. I don't know if you're suffering from clinical depression or life just sucks. But what you need to do is talk to someone. Not wanting to live is more than just the blues over a celeb. I wish you well sv14, please get help.
  6. Like you, I'm over 50 and my obsession with Reina really is the first of this kind for me. The biggest difference between me and most people here, I enjoy my CO. She makes me feel alive. Right now, I have no intentions of letting her go. I don't want to, I love indulging in her. Now if you want to get rid of your CO. Stay away from any social media involving her. If you want to just take a peak at her or what she's up to, don't. Find something else to do. Go have fun with your wife instead. Cold turkey is the only way, there's no other option which works. Out of sight, out of mind.
  7. I'm about the same age as you. 50+. I wouldn't worry about this too much. It's normal for a guy to be attracted to a nice looking woman. Simple biology. Just be happy, she's not someone you would ever have a chance to meet. You want to stay true to your wife. So enjoy the fantasy for what it's worth. Just remember, finding her attractive by no means doesn't mean you love your wife still. You mention you're not a pervert. Well, finding an adult woman attractive isn't a perversion in my book. The young lady I like is younger than the one you mentioned, she's 25. I never even contemplated liking her was a perversion. I like pretty woman. If that's wrong. Oh well, I don't care. I'm divorced and single, so there's no possible way for me to feel guilty. So my situation is a little different. Chances of meeting my CO are zero. I wish I could, but it's not in the cards. So I have to accept it. For the most part, I do.
  8. You're so lucky to get a chance to see your CO. I would love to see Reina. She lives in Japan so it isn't so easy for me to do that. I would have to buy tickets to a fashion show she's in. Or maybe, if she's in a meet and greet event for a show she's in. She was in 2 fashion events recently. ViVi Nights Easter Party. And Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer. Now I don't know what it would be like at an event like this. A fashion show wouldn't be something I normally would care to see. And all the spoken parts are in Japanese. So I would be lost. It would be nice seeing Reina though. For me to spend up to 8 thousand dollars, there would have to be a meet and greet. As cool as just getting a glimpse of her in real life would be, for that kind of cash, I would have to at least get a chance to say "hi" to her. And I probably would buy an expensive camera to take a high quality picture of her.(up to $3000.00) I would imagine with her walking the catwalk a few times I would get a chance. And what kind of seating could I get? I imagine people in the industry and professional photographers would get the prime seating. Would it be worth it? It would be expensive. It would either be an awesome, once in a lifetime thrill, or greatly disappointing. I don't believe it could be anything else but one of those two. It would all depend if I got to say a few words to her and get a nice picture. If she was friendly it would be something I would cherish the rest of my life. If she was standoffish or even just indifferent, it would be depressing. Now that's if I even got a chance to meet her. If all I got was a few pics of her on the catwalk, it wouldn't be worth the many thousands I would have to spend. Unless it was an incredible picture. But I can find those for free on the Internet, in the comfort of my own home. When reading a lot of these posts in this thread (there's a ton of them) I'm always astonished how being obsessed with a celeb can ruin someones life. The best way to look at it is put in in perspective. The celeb like the rest of us have their own life to live. Most likely they don't even know we exist. So if there's really no possibility of dating them, why ruin your life over it? Don't get me wrong, my obsession with Reina can be fragile and I can become stressed out if I read the wrong thing about her. If I do, I will give myself one day to pout about it. After that I will continue to enjoy her, or dump her into the sands of time. I don't see myself dumping her, she gives me too much pleasure. So it's either live with it and enjoy her, or be miserable. I hope I can continue to enjoy her. One thing I believe I have going for myself is that I'm not depressed. (Clinically) So maybe this helps me overcome adversity better than if I was. Also, the supplement I've been taking for anti aging is supposed to good for the mood. And it sure seems like it. Since I've been taking it, I've been in the most positive mood I've been in for years. I have more energy and feel younger. Reina also looks better, (so do other women) so it works on many levels.
  9. Hi gang, As time marches on it's weird how my feelings for Reina are like a river. Right now it's a thrill ride. The last week or so my feelings for Reina have intensified and all I look forward to is indulging in my addiction. There's been a lot of new pictures of her on the web lately, I find this fantastic. So far I really don't mind all my thoughts going into Reina. She's like a beloved wife that's never home. She might as well be my wife, I'm that devoted to her. Is this kind of obsession beneficial or dangerous? I feel good when looking at Reina, I feel like I'm in love. There's not really any stress I'm experiencing because of this. Even though I'm not with her physically, I'm with her in my head. She can be with me anytime. So what could be dangerous? Two things for me anyway. If she gets into a serious relationship and it's all over social media I would be stressed out. I would have the feeling my girlfriend or wife left me for another. I would hope if this happens, it wouldn't ruin me and make my life miserable. I always dread seeing that news. The other thing which could be dangerous is that I get too content with my obsession and have no interest at all in dating. I don't want to compare Reina to others. Nobody would compare to her. I'm not at the point where it has to be Reina or nothing. I still believe that there's something very good waiting for me because of this obsession with Reina. I just have to be patient. @Dream47 Nothing really strange about your obsession. There's nothing wrong about being attracted to someone you find enticing. Being human, we become attracted to people. That's just the way it is. What you got to do is enjoy your obsession and don't worry about what others think. They don't live in your head, you do. From reading your post I do not think you have an unhealthy obsession. An unhealthy obsession is being consumed by someone and it makes you miserable. You want to forget the person, but you can't or won't. You find yourself looking for tidbits of information about your celeb and hate yourself for spending all your time doing this. If another fan likes your celeb you find yourself in a jealous rage. If you feel like you're missing out on life because of your obsession you may have a problem. If not, enjoy your celeb. I know with me, I'm hopelessly obsessed. My free time revolves around Reina, my CO. The big difference Is I'm ok with it. I enjoy her enormously. I'm at the point in my life where this isn't hurting me. I've been married, I've had girlfriends. I don't feel like I'm missing out. My Reina time is my favorite time of the day. It's all about having the proper mindset. Enjoy it, all you have is 1 life, so why not have fun with it? I do.
  10. Eating right and working out are essential. But there has to be more and there is. What do the young have that we lose as we age? Hormone levels decrease. There's cellular breakdown. So how do we stop up without expensive prescriptions or going to anti aging clinics, which cost a lot of money. Supplementation? That's the direction I'm going in now. The amino acid I mentioned in my previous post has had done some good things. So I'm using it now. As I said I feel younger right now and I have more energy. And I sleep better. Will it work? I don't know, but I'm going to try. If I can turn the clock back or slow aging down that will be a plus. I really hate seeing my youth fade and old age looking at me in the face. So I'm going to fight it.
  11. Having little or no money bites, I've been there. Starting out in life as an adult can be hard. I remember one time standing in line to get something to eat. There was a boy about 8 years old paying for his food with a $20.00 bill. He had more money than me. It was painful and embarrassing. Another time I remember going into a store with my then wife. She wanted me to buy her a pair of jeans. They cost about $30.00. I didn't buy them for her because the little money we had was needed for food and gas. She threw a fit like a little kid, but I didn't cave in, I couldn't, we had little cash. Now turn the clock ahead 25 years. I have money, my credit score is awesome. The only debt I have is a car loan which I could pay off right now. A few years ago I owed a lot on my credit card. I was paying more than the minimum, but getting nowhere. So I started making large payments and paid it off in about a year. I still use it, I just pay it off monthly now. The point I'm trying to make is your financial situation will get better as you get older. As long as you're smart about it. And one more thing. If you haven't started one, get into a 401K plan if your job offers one. Someday you will be thankful you did. Edit: I see a couple of posts about bullying. I had a bully in school. For whatever reason he hated me. I don't know why, but he did. At work, there's this guy who was hassling me. He thinks I snitched on him so he's been a jerk ever since. I asked him to stop to no avail. So one day I literally got in his face and said to him. " Let's step outside and settle this, I'll beat you into the ground." He hasn't said a word to me since. In fact, he leaves the area if I come in. I'm 6'4" and about 250 LBS. I lift weights so I'm not small or weak. So I used what I have going for me and scared him. I hate bullies and will get in their face if I have to.
  12. Hi gang, me again, Thank you all who said kind words about my mom passing. Well, anyway, back to Reina. It's been over a year since I discovered her. The feelings I have for her haven't changed. I'm surprised I haven't gotten bored of her. But I don't. I still get that craving for her every time I see her. Another thing which relates to Reina. Recently I've gotten big into anti aging. Getting older is horrible and I will fight it every inch of the way. Of course you have to eat right and work out. This goes without saying. There's just a lot more to this than eating right and working out. So I started taking a supplement which I read about. Glycine. *link removed* Anyway, I started taking this and I feel much better, in fact I feel younger. I have more energy. So how does this relate to Reina? She looks better to me now, if that's possible. It's like I'm a kid again having my first crush. She looks so wonderful and exciting. It's almost like I'm looking at her with new eyes. I have this child like infatuation and adult attraction going on intertwined with each other. It's wonderful most of the time. I just hope this new supplement continues to work. So far so good. Reina time is better because of it. Since my mom is gone now, it's time for me to start posting here again.
  13. Hi gang, Long time no see. Well, life certainly can throw a monkey wrench at you. In January my mom died unexpectedly. At least I got to see her before she passed. My mom was the only person I could talk to about Reina. Now I don't have that anymore. Of course, there was a lot more to my relationship with my mom than talking about Reina but it still leaves an empty void concerning her. Reina takes a lot of my time up and I feel a need to talk about her, so here I am. As for Reina. March 22 was my year anniversary since I found her. Nothing much changed. I still feel the same about her. She still gives me an incredible high everytime I look at her. Reina did change her look though. She had long hair, now she has it in a bob. I didn't care for that much at first, but it's grown on me. Now I think it looks awesome. Here she is with her new look. [image removed] Now 1 thing did stress me out. Someone on Instagram said Reina was dating someone. I don't know if it's true or not, I couldn't find any information to confirm or deny this rumor. All the so called proof they had was a low quality picture of a couple people in a car. The picture looked fake. Something wasn't right about it. It looked Photoshopped. However, when I read that post, it ruined my day. I felt rotten . At least this passed and I felt normal again the next day. I went back to enjoying her. I thought I found some competition for Reina. I found someone else who I thought looked incredible. The feeling I had for her was different though. I never felt the spiritual connection I felt for Reina. So in a short period of time my feelings for her faded. With Reina, my feelings will never fade. I'm stuck loving her forever.. Good, bad or indifferent. That's just they way it is. Reina is my sunshine.
  14. Yes, I feel connected to Reina. It's a spiritual connection. I feel like she's my long lost soul mate. When I saw her for the first time, I felt I knew her. I feel our souls are intertwined. She's my true love from another life.
  15. Hi gang, Hope you had a happy holiday. I'm curious about something. What is it about your CO that you like about them so much? As we all know, there's a lot of good looking celebs. Actors, actresses, models, musicians, singers, and athletes. What made you choose the one you're obsessed with? For me, when I first saw Reina I was done. There's just something about her that I really, really like. To me, she has a unique look which I can't get enough of. For instance. I was looking at a magazine she models for. Of course, there's a lot of good looking young women in the mag. I enjoy looking at them, after all, they look good. Then a picture of Reina pops up and it's an instant cocktail of love potion gets pumped into my system. It's quite the rush. Reina's the only one that does that for me. I believe what really turns me on to her is I can see her inner beauty. She has a beautiful soul. She's special to me.
  16. Man, I wish more than anything I could. The biggest problem with meeting Reina, she lives in Tokyo, Japan, I'm in the US. I have all but 1 day left of vacation time this year. At the beginning of next year I'll get my 20 days again, so there's that. I wonder how accessible someone like Reina would be? I wonder if it's possible to meet her? Other than a fan meet and greet. I really don't know about Japanese celebs. If they go out in public, or have their special VIP places to hang out? I did read somewhere, that she likes staying home when she's not busy with work. That is cool and horrible at the same time. I love a homebody, but for meeting purposes, that sucks. I'm going to research this and see what kind of possibilities there are. The other day I found the coolest shirt ever. It said on it. "I Think My Soulmate Is Reina Triendl." So I bought it. It should get it in the mail shortly. I couldn't believe there was such a shirt. I saw something today which stressed me out big time for a few minutes. I went to the Reina Hashtag# on Twitter, and I saw a picture of Reina with another picture of a man next to her. I never saw him before and I thought, oh no, please don't be a boyfriend or worse. So I hit the translate button. All it was, was someone promoting the latest TV show she's in. The man was just an actor in the show. Even after that, the stress which just blasted me hanged around for a few minutes. It was like getting hit in the gut really hard. It took time to recover. Man, these CO's can be wonderful, yet horrible at times. The only reason I don't just put all my pictures away and ignore the many Reina websites because I can't. I get so much pleasure out of her it's unreal. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And for Audrey. Go Cowboys.
  17. Thanks for mentioning Reina, she's my world. Not too long ago I saw a Jim Beam commercial with Mila in it. I actually thought of you. She looked nice in it. Hope you saw it.
  18. How about them Cowboys. Reina is at the height of her popularity, I don't know if that's good or bad. Probably both. I really like finding new pictures of her, but I always dread if she gets engaged or married. At least in your case, I would believe your CO won't be getting married again. You just have to worry about old news, long forgotten, finding its way to you. Sometimes I get perplexed about this whole CO situation. Why do I care about Reina so much? Why would it hurt me what she does in her personal life? It's not like I have any real opportunity to date her. Sometimes it would be nice if I just thought she looked nice and that was it. If that was the case, I wouldn't have these deep, wonderful feelings I look forward to, everyday. I still can't get enough of her. There's something about her entire being I desire. She's more than a pretty face.
  19. It's funny, when there aren't any new pictures of Reina for a few days I get stressed out. I always think the worst. With so much violence going on in the world, I hope she's safe. The one good thing, she lives in Japan, that country is a pretty safe place to be.
  20. Hi gang, Well, I've come to accept my friend's death, there's nothing else I can do. I do have memories, so there's that. As for Reina, that horrid picture I mentioned seems to be disappearing. I know where it is, so I avoid it. The other thing with this obsession I have for Reina it doesn't let up at all. I still feel the same about her. When I see her, I get an instant buzz. I have this one picture of her, it's from a screen capture from an ad she made. I found it about 4 months ago. This picture I find spectacular. I've looked at everyday since then and I still feel all high from the love drug, like the first time I saw it. The picture never gets old or boring. I love it to death. Now i've found a treasure trove of videos from the latest show she's in I know i'll be looking for more screen captures. There's 7 episodes to sift through. I don't know if it's sad or a good thing, but I feel a need and a desire to do this. I look for new pics everyday. I like doing it, so at this time it's not a problem. Reina can consume my life. The one thing that's different now then before. When I look at Reina I feel like she's my wife. I'm so familiar with her face that I feel like I know her. I see her everyday and I still can't get enough. A picture I've seen a million times looks fresh and exciting. I love Reina and I hope I can enjoy her presence in my life, for years to come.
  21. Hi everyone, Thank you all for the kind words. Reina wise, today is a little better. As much as I hate seeing pictures like that I'm not going to let it ruin my life. I had one day to be upset, now it's time to move on. I need to do that to enjoy her. Here's a video of Reina, it's only 53 seconds, so it won't take much time. I just love looking at her.
  22. Hi posie_riot, I'm doing ok, I've come to accept my friends passing. There's nothing else you can do. It still feels weird that I'll never hear from him again. As for Reina, she does a lot of modeling and professional shoots. Those are the sites I usually go to. The one with the insidious picture was a site called Modelpress. It has a lot of promotional type pics. It's a hard one to avoid since a lot of her best pics come from there. I try to be safe, but still you can run into a pic that ruins your day. Some of the best pictures of her come from screen captures. These usually are safe, she does a lot of commercials which are always fun to watch. As for trying to find captures from her shows or movies, I have to tread carefully. I have some I really like from her shows so stopping isn't an option, yet. The other thing I hate, is when someone does post one of those lip lock pictures, a lot of posters seem to love it. I guess those people really are not obsessed the same way I am. Life certainly has its ups and downs. Right now I've hit a big dip in the road. I hope I see an upward trend, soon.
  23. Hi gang, Well, when things go bad, things go bad. First of all, a friend of mine for 25 years died. He went fishing with his young son and another man. They never came back. Last Saturday their bodies were found in 300 feet of water. With Reina, my CO I could at least find a little solace. But today I went to one of the sites to acquire more pictures. There was a new one. It was one from a new show she's in. She was lip locked with someone. I felt very jealous and it pretty much ruined my day. Now I know it's only her acting in a show, yet I hate seeing it. It was just another taunting reminder that is something I'll never do with her. Seeing that makes life suck. Maybe it wouldn't have been as big of a deal if my friend didn't die. That's just added to the stress. Sometimes I wish I could be happy with the pictures of her I have already and never look her up online again, yet I feel a need to find more. How many more do I need? I must be closing in a 7000 pictures of her now. I've spent thousands of dollars on the obsession. I still feel so high when I look at her. I'm hopelessly hooked on her. I guess I'm going to have to accept seeing garbage like I saw earlier today if I'm going to keep obsessing over Reina. I can't help but obsess, so I'm stuck.
  24. LibraLady1962 Hi LibraLady1962. I wanted to say hi because I'm the same age as you. It's funny you mention Donny and Marie. I used to watch their show once in a while. I even thought Marie was cute. I remember when she looked at the camera and smiled I felt like she was looking at me. It made me feel like a big pile of mush,. Now for some general talk. One of the reasons I like this board it helps me see the light. I enjoy all the posts here. Even the ones where the poster wants to beat his obsessions husband up. It puts this whole obsession in proper perspective. I don't want to walk on the path of misery. Sure, I love Reina, I would do almost anything to be with her. But I refuse to be miserable because I will never have the chance to be with her. I can look at pictures or videos of her. I can enjoy her beauty in a way I couldn't if I was with her. In my fantasies she's always there. Always perfect. Everything we do is heaven on earth. This is how I accept this obsession. When I stare at a picture of her. I feel like I'm with her. At that moment she's mine. That cannot be taken away. Just by existing, Reina has made me a happy man. Enjoy your obsession. Being sad, isn't productive or enjoyable. So spread your wings and fly to new levels of happiness with your CO. It's the only way.
  25. Hi gang, Just wanted to drop by and see how everyone is doing. As for me, my Reina obsession is moving along wonderfully atm. I keep finding new pictures of her. There's usually weekly updates somewhere to be had. I still enjoy her as much as ever. I still get that love buzz when I look at her. My second Instagram account dedicated to her still is up. I get the impression Instagram must have thought I was a spam bot. So I go slower. No more days of 20 to 30 updates. Just 1 or 2 a day. Now this is what I do which helps a lot with obsessions. Instead of frowning and being miserable thinking about what I don't have and how unfair it all is. I focus on the fact I get to enjoy Reina. She gives me great pleasure. I've never seen anyone quite like her. She has such an irresistible cute face and I get to enjoy looking at her for hours if I choose to. I won't and cannot disclose the reason, but Reina has changed my life, for the better. I will always value her because of that. I wish I could tell her thank you, for just being you. I love her because she's done the greatest thing for me anyone could've done. Try to find some joy in your CO and focus on that. You will much happier if you can do that. Good luck to all of you.
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