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  1. Suicide is not about wanting to die, but about a powerful need for pain to end.

  2. Zoloft Side Effects

    starting a new med CAN cause increased suicidal thoughts. there'a all kinds of warnings about it. switching from one med to another is even more cause for alarm. i am very surprised by the nurse's response as this is common knowledge. i would speak to a doctor about it as soon as possible. discuss the med you are coming off of (and at what dosage) and the new med you are switching to.
  3. Post your day in 1 word.

  4. Just totally lost

    Fides! we talked a lot back then. Always wondered what happened. GLAD to hear you have healed from this!
  5. What Makes You Feel Like A Little Kid Again?

    literally noting... hate to be a downer but it's true.
  6. Week 13 and still horrible insomnia

    i have massive insomnia, i can go 48 hours without sleep too. trying hydroxyzine to deal with it. but yeah, zoloft will cause massive insomnia. can't believe your doctor doesn't know that. ambien works but my doc won't keep prescribing it cuz it's a controlled substance. and so far hydroxyzine is not working.
  7. What made you smile today? :)

  8. Scared To Get A Job

    let me know how you make out! you can PM me if necessary.
  9. Three Word Story

    shave and haircut
  10. Recently Prescribed Latuda for OCD. Is this unusual?

    are you taking Latuda with an SSRI or as mono therapy... just started 3 days ago as mono therapy and i fell really agitated and my mind is TOO ACTIVE,,, causing bad thoughts. Should i take an SSRI with it?
  11. Boys Vs Girls

  12. Boys Vs Girls

  13. Boys Vs Girls

  14. Boys Vs Girls