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  1. I've never moved or had to leave home until now. never got married or had kids. never hated my parents so I had no reason to move. I helped care for mom and grandmom in their older years before they passed... I liked it here.... Ive worked full time since age 18.... I help pay the bills here and the mortgage, so I've not been living here "free". but I have been living here cheap compared to living somewhere else. I'm a responsible person that works and pays my bills on time. FEAR and anxiety are not strong enough words to describe what I'm feeling. I'm an introvert, I like having my own space and privacy. I also have depression and anxiety issues for years... moving out is something i've avoided because I fear it. now it's being forced on me and theirs nothing I can do to stop it. Its coming whether I like it or not. My biggest question perhaps is this: I've been using craigslist without much luck to find a place to live. is their a better website I should be using? someone said try roommates.com but that one did not impress me either. Ive never had to find a place to live before, and i'm not having much luck doing it. its all pretty overwhelming for someone that has difficulty making decisions in the first place...
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