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  1. gackt is awesome :) , what do you mean not the live version?! - that video is the bee's knees!
  2. mr bear you are lovely to talk to :)

  3. I stopped them a while ago, but have still been getting the occasional shaking of my head. Last night i also ended up in a very bad state. My limbs were making weird huge repetitive movements and i seemed to lose complete control of my body. I seemed to be saying random words as well, a bit like in torrets syndrome. But some words i got stuck on and found myself repeating them over and over. And i was also hallucinating bugs. I know i am "craving" the tablets i was taking. So wasn't sure if that has something to do with it. Or maybe it is just the effects of stress?
  4. my name is emma (no way?!) and inside i feel small like thumbelina (i am actually pretty small) and like everything in the world is big and scary. but shhhhh! i will never admit i said this. oh. and i like semolina too!
  5. i have flu and on my own have been chatting all day when i was meant to go in for my one college day a week. pfffffffffff
  6. lander you have gone from one extreme to the other! if i get too much sleep i get really groggy and tired too.
  7. I think i know what you mean, after seeing this my mum kept citing stephen fry as the example of how i will still be able to still be productive and get on with my life during the depressions. I was left wondering how it was that i don't seem to be able to keep that level of productivity. But i guess Stephen Fry doesn't work a 9-5 like lots of people...
  8. i ate a meal. noodles and chicken and ginger and peppers and lemon. yumyum. i managed town for an hour. i haven't done any work yet, but i have just read something that triggered me a bit so i will make a cup of tea and not stress myself out about that till i feel better. it's ok to be flexible with these things right? hope you get to do what you aim for rosegirl and sheepwoman :)
  9. my 3 aims for today are to: go into town for as long as i can manage (agoraphobia) do some college work have at least one proper meal
  10. rains most days tho, one of the highest suicide ,teenage pregancy rates in the country hmm...that kinda puts me off a bit... i know what you mean all to well. i keep thinking: i will stop when i feel better, and i do get close sometimes...but never manage to completely.
  11. what makes everyone here special is perseverance - not giving up on yourself- else you wouldn't be here on this forum and searching for ways to improve your lives. as long as you are here there is hope. i am in a rubbish place, but i am still hopeful. maybe my art and writing suffers these days, but there's no reason for giving up on it altogether. don't give up on the writing, drawing, playing sport, singing, etc. just do what you can when you can. we owe ourselves this much.
  12. in lincolnshire but near peterborough. how do you find living in manchester? i was thinking of going to uni there...
  13. two years. it started off okay, as i needed rest. but gradually became a curse as i got so frustrated with myself and lack of motivation. eventually the frustration broke some kind of d*** at the same time as my mood was on an up, and i started living again, but started off in very small ways. i can still lose a couple of months in places and i can only try to control that, i just try and minimize the impact those have on my life.
  14. are you sure smoking isn't a by-product of the self-destruction? one of the first things i notice when i'm getting less well is i begin smoking. that's what seems to happen for me anyway, then other stuff follows...
  15. at what point did the whole plot change to the slugs eating humans???!!!! :blink: uhm..ooops! i think i really gotta get some sleep now. i gotta work in the morning. THIS MORNING! welcome to the morning scumlander! i think we both know what i'm gonna end up dreaming about - yummy slugs, and slugs that try and eat me hope you get some well deserved kip soon :) Em x TO ANYONE THAT MADE IT THIS FAR: song feedback? we might need film extras too... TO ANY TALENT SCOUTS: now you know where it's at! scumlander and emmalina's slug team extraordinaire...
  16. i think i want vin diesel to play me, just to confuse people and add to the novelty factor. i might be a girl who gets eaten by a slug. i get killed whilst i'm trying to build a salt wall round my house to protect my stereotypical wholsesome american family, and then asn i'm just about the complete the line of salt i'm spotted by a slug lieutenant in an army patrol car...
  17. would we star in it ourselves or get actors to play us?
  18. arrghhhh, god i think the sleep is catching up with me... ...icky sleep...
  19. merchandise too. "hug a slug" t-shirts, mugs (ones that change to a gooey green colour when they are hot), caps, keyrings of course, toothbrushes, lunchboxes for the kids (free slugs included), slug cuddly toys and battery operated slugs that move across the floor...really the list is endless...
  20. hahahaha... you started me off again with the laughing... man, we should be events organizers. nobody would forget the night we came to town! we're gonna need bodyguards though...also in slug costume. weddings, funerals, bamitzphas, stag nights, hen nights, kid's parties... the world is our slug bowl!
  21. if we are using salt, i reckon we should have canons. i'm liking the enormous cutlery idea. can i hold a giant fork? if we are going happy, then maybe we should bring in some giant prop lettuces for everyone to dance on top of, whilst slugs are rained down on the audience in celebration?
  22. we need a drum roll as you're swooping down, you know like really hype it up. maybe we should bring in a trapeze? maybe the next part could be the thankyou of the slugs for saving them, then we either take pity on them and call a truce where the song ends happily OR we give into our hungry stomaches and carnal slug eating desires and devour them without remorse, to the sounds of some kind of thrash-guitar music?
  23. lol. sleep deprivation hysteria has now kicked in for me. i'm having a giggling fit! ok...so then suddenly the song goes quiet, the lights cut out out, the cheerleaders unassemble themselves.... SUDDENLY! a spotlight and dry ice... and giant birds fly in threatening to devour our precious slugs. i swop the harmonica for a triangle and go ding...ding... thrice. maybe a gong next?
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