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  1. Lol at the last paragraph...this is the best you've sounded since I've been reading your blog. Way to handle newbie and have a grounded perspective.
  2. I love walking in the cool/cold weather especially at night. No people around, super moon...I'm big so I still dress light, a windbreaker jacket and a hat does it for me. After a few minutes I start getting warmed up. I keep a log and track distance, time, how I was feeling, anything interesting I come across...walking is a core staple of my well being. Always feel great afterwards.
  3. JasonDark

    4 AM

    Nice boots!
  4. Those hijab stories are mostly hoaxes just like a lot of the other hate crime stories.
  5. In regards to bullies kids today can face severe beat downs that can happen repeatedly, social media humiliation, and unresponsive if not absentee adult authority. I agree with you but easier said than done.
  6. True better to be by yourself than with a filler friend but isolation breaks you down and sometimes communication, even if it's not in an ideal situation can improve your esteem. Humans are social beings and take what interactions you can get even if small as long as you aren't being hurt or demeaned in your situation Allalone.
  7. It's good you developed this awareness. Boredom/people who get bored are usually easy victims. Deconstructing a situation empowers you and kills boredom at the time. Nice job.
  8. Pipe dreams of sore losers...waaah?
  9. We should all calm down, and look forward to America being great again.
  10. Hi Gandolf I've been good lately. Definitely out of my depressive/anxiety episode but like I said, somewhat manic. Been doing deep breathing/meditation type stuff to try and slow down. Not trying to spike the ball but totally stoked about Trump winning. Glad to see you hanging in there.
  11. I'd go by how you feel. Missing one day isn't terrible. Most colleges offer free counseling, take advantage of it. Silent treatment is pretty mean.
  12. I've been manic for two days. I'm more likely to get in trouble when manic but it's still better than depression.
  13. Cleaned for 89 minutes, needed that, anxiety in check by the end of it. Environment is a strong influence on the psyche.
  14. Go no contact and in time your self-esteem will return. Continuing the drama for spite will bring you down. Next time learn after the 1st time, 2nd & 3rd time are on you.
  15. One glass of lemonade please.
  16. Hiding out and laying low is SOP for PTSD. I get stuck too my couch sometimes for weeks. Hang in there.
  17. I live in an apartment and the biggest issue for me is the upstairs neighbor. Right now I have a single rookie female cop with no carpeting, who is the perfect neighbor. She goes to work for long shifts and takes off her shoes when she comes home and she tries to be quiet. Before her I had someone who divided the place into an unlawful subdivision and at times there were 5-7 people in a studio with no carpeting,the kids would roughhouse making my place almost uninhabitable. We went to war. I'd go with the more restricted newer one because they might enforce noise regulations and quiet>noise. Also depression crosses socio-economic boundaries so don't assume anyone's mental/emotion state in either place.
  18. No warning to the OP for saying Trump supporters lack logic? It's ok to insult if I say" I don't mean to offend..." first?
  19. Politics in a depression forum is stupid but if you go down that road and insult people don't expect peaches n cream.
  20. You are sick of it, yet you make a thread about it.
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