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    LouisRiel reacted to RiverLight for a blog entry, Anxiety is Going to Be the Death of Me   
    This anxiety is just awful. Each day before work, I need to take an Ativan. My anxiety is through the roof. I need to calm down and realize three things about myself: I am intelligent and a quick study, I am driven to succeed and I am willing to learn. These three qualities will help me get through this job (I hope). I am giving myself a pep talk! LOL. Bottom line is, I am scared of failure. I need to acknowledge to my boss today where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and where I need to grow and learn.
    Good news is that the first project I handed in, my co-worker told me it was fantastic, and I had never done it before. So there's that at least, which should give me some amount of confidence.
    I just hate this so very much -- the beginnings of a new job with a steep learning curve. Starting any new job is a nightmare. I cannot wait until a few months from now where hopefully I will feel more comfortable and confident.
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