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  1. Trying to decide what to do. Sleep meds, tv ? brain is mush
  2. I didn't wake up completely broken physically after a fall
  3. Dread because I need to phone loblaws to complain
  4. 4 cans of orange juice..3 gone bad a year early ugh
  5. alcohol! I am kidding my mom used to suggest getting a drink ugh. For me running away and getting myself into a private space where I can calm down is the best option.
  6. Waiting to say goodnight to my niece
  7. Good 🙂 not dying in the heat
  8. How late did I sleep/how much did I screw up today?.. 5pm I believe
  9. Enjoyed a show, talked to my hilarious niece, and drank an awesome Red bull
  10. Depression coping activity would be 59 minute shower in the fetal position
  11. Struggle, storms, broken windows, houses disintegration, and death. Upside I didn't say **** it and try to die hahaha.
  12. One of these days I am going to reply "Really? I was happy and stable once.. then I ran out of ativan and went through physical withdrawal. Apparently it was just high, but please tell me how positive thoughts can cure debilitating mental illness."
  13. A woman with thrush made sourdough 😂
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