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  1. I didn't plot my death actively or inactively 😉
  2. You have been training for that part for ages 😉 Note to others: we talk about showers being a pain and this was not an insult
  3. This depressive episode I am back in and how much of it is my fault for not taking care of myself. Missed meds, missed sleep, missed meals, and not taking time to recharge while awake.
  4. Crushing depression. Returned
  5. Towel Naked Bed
  6. Showered, washed kids clothes and packed toys, diapers, and wipes. Downloaded some shows from Netflix for our trip and started to charge up all the electronics. Bring on freaky Northern sun trip. It is good in stages, but a Biotch long term.
  7. At certain points movies that relate too closely to my trauma. Violence, emotional and physical abuse, oppression, addiction in families, Catholicism, dysfunction, and ganging up on people all horrible. I left Bridesmaid's when I was in a theatre with my family because the victimization was destroying me.
  8. unless it's hate 🙂 I nailed it!
  9. I stayed up for over 30 hours and then slept less than 5. It is 4:30am and I am about to eat a meal I can't determine the name for hahaha.
  10. Red bull Idocy Me!!
  11. It's ****ing hard! hahahaha you know I am uncomfortable with genuine emotion
  12. How I am going to lie to my family about missing an exam tomorrow.
  13. Is it an ad? Sorry Admin I don't know if this is allowed, but I have heard a lot of bad things about ads. A user fell into a trap of online therapy and fell into a lot of useless debt. Personally from my psychology background I would not participate particularly in drug trials with what I have heard, but I intellectualize things too much. I use ad block so I don't see a lot of it
  14. You're still amazing
  15. Slept till about 8:30pm. Yup, living the dream!
  16. My brain is screaming give up. Sleep, credit be damn, drop out, and starve.
  17. Many people in churches gather all over the world 100's of times per year and share and spread hate and bigotry. But ONE ****ing month and a parade where LGBTQ people are able to be in a supportive likeminded environment and those same people lose their . I hate myself for being born into the Catholic faith and have never regretted leaving.
  18. hilariously awful laughing
  19. Grocery shopping and finally picked up laundry change
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