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  1. 1 hour ago, evalynn said:

    Good news: I don't feel too bad.

    Bad news: I haven't slept a wink. At this point, I wonder if it would be worse if I actually fell asleep for only a couple hours. 

    Good news: Coffee exists.

    Bad news: We're out of creamer. 👿

    Always such a struggle to decide at that point. I stayed up for about 30 hours  from Thursday evening to about midnight today and then had very broken sleep till 5am when I think I woke up for good. I have reached an age where my body punishes me for being up that second day, so any sleep is better than none.

    Good news: I also recognized the upswing and avoided a full on episode for now

    Bad news: I want caffeine bitch, but could undo that. Also I ran out of OTC pain meds for this pain.


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