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  1. You know you're cool when you enjoy neuron image searches 

  2. Dear March/April depressed brain,

    Please don't try to **** me again this year. 


    Louis Riel

  3. Enjoying Thanksgiving without family drama and clothes 

  4. Wanted: ****s to give

  5. Almost managed to keep myself together long enough to enjoy a visit...almost. I suck at pretending to be a human.

    1. Corbin


      Almost everyone I know from this forum is gone.

  6. I am so sick of continuously paying for my screw ups when I have been ill. The only thing worse than being a ****ing wreck is being harassed, belittled and threatened by student aid and student services when attempting to pick up the pieces. 

  7. I am truly perfecting the art of life destroying, soul sucking break downs

  8. Ready to quit.... trying, school...life? 

  9. Sick of being such a burden 

  10. Mourning the good old days of chat with @Natasha1 @RiverLight @glfinding @SailingSoul @ladysmurf @Muse1234 and all the other old regulars who kept me entertained at my lowest and worst when I got out of the hospital and fell apart :coopcray: 

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    2. LouisRiel


      And I tagged the wrong Muse damn I wish I could remember the name

    3. SailingSoul


      Hey, I check in from time to time :) u know u can always shoot me a pm.. Just trying to be more positive yo keep me afloat.

    4. LouisRiel


      Just missed the gang 

  11. Missed you again :( I was on the bus

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    2. Natasha1


      thats when i got up today instead of 2. who is this person you know ;P haha

    3. LouisRiel


      She's awesome :)

    4. Natasha1


      *you're* awesome!!

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