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  1. 3 Words Of The Moment

    My god yes! I have had a hypomanic or depressive episode every year when it starts and ends since I was 12 in 2004
  2. Dear March/April depressed brain,

    Please don't try to **** me again this year. 


    Louis Riel

  3. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Face Down Bed
  4. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Spring depression begins
  5. It wasn't like that I was poor and had no money for food and went a few days without at the time. I literally almost fainted in the grocery store from fatigue.
  6. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Brain is broken
  7. Seeing a doctor tomorrow

    It is a first line treatment and many have had positive experiences, but if it doesn't there are many more options so try not to get discouraged.
  8. What was a small victory you had today?

    Put on pants, showered, made homemade hair gel, and made it out of a 5 minute walking radius of my home.
  9. Recieved some money.... and p***** it away on pizza and Red bull.
  10. What Really Bugs You (7)

    Living things, inanimate objects... oh wait I am just a Biotch who hates the world Today I grunted and yelled at the air waiting in the cold for a bus at 12am.
  11. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Plan Of Attack 😊
  12. People who were in contact with them outside the forum have come back later to let everyone know and I have heard stories from before my time. I also disagree that everyone is depressing here and all bring back bad memories. We have had a lot of fun on this forum and many have stayed in contact outside. In many cases bannings, drama, suspensions, and censorship have also played a factor in people leaving. Still there are bad endings and it is natural to be concerned. Not everyone will make it, but we do what we can and I am grateful for the ones who quite literally saved me when I was close myself.
  13. What Really Bugs You (7)

    My Circadian Rhythm
  14. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Drowning in lows
  15. 3 Words Of The Moment

    Ativan High Idiocy