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  1. Submitted my forms to return to University in the Fall, reviewed a chapter and finished flashcards for a chapter I read Sunday, and saw my Pdoc.
  2. Just under 3 years ago when I was having a weird reaction to a med in my sleep. It was a lot of fun in the beginning, but that was ruined after multiple dividing feuds, suspension's, and bannings. Which sucked because it was a great support and distraction.
  3. Apartment living is great there. My hot water lasts 59 minutes.
  4. Fan/AC in my face, ketosis, 16 hour naps, pecan pies in my bed, enjoying shitty people's "payback".
  5. Spending so much time with my sister. I owe her the world for being a "parent" before age 10. If I was ever forced to go back I wouldn't survive.
  6. Hell is coming... Will I make it? Do I want to?
  7. 59 minute showers I don't like sitting in my own filth
  8. Bought groceries, made a collage from a water colour picture I cut into shapes, and watched tutorials.
  9. Antidepressants seriously it ****ing scares me. They trigger hypomania and never end well. If I was hospitalized refusing would be considered non compliant and screw me over more. The appeal panel in my province to fight involuntary includes a psychiatrist I had issues with in the past which doesn't help either.
  10. Proud Metis who loves Indigenous literature
  11. Red bull over a lot of ice as long as meds are bringing me 'down' enough, my large fuzzy fleece blanket, background shows when I can't focus, and my bed. Worst days especially before and off meds.... showers while curled up in the fetal position
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