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  1. LouisRiel

    What was a small victory you had today?

    Okay, this isn't small now that I think about it. I am fortunate to be Canadian with a great Pdoc to vouch for me.
  2. LouisRiel

    What was a small victory you had today?

    Anxiety ativan could not help, so ordered groceries to be delivered rather than going without. Made appointment with Pdoc and contacted a mental health team I was referred to.
  3. LouisRiel

    What was a small victory you had today?

    My disability was approved and I recieved back pay from The beginning of June when I was reviewed by the medical panel.
  4. LouisRiel

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    Tired, but enjoying my beautiful niece. Spoiling the hell out of her with favorite shows, toys, books, and food. Cuddles, songs and tickles included.
  5. LouisRiel

    We Must do Better

    Oh the good old days where you remained silent about the child molester down the street and "minded your business" while your neighbor beat his wife... Few things set me off as much as the outright denial of mental illness in the past. We are so fortunate to be out of the "dark ages" of psychiatry. The system may be flawed and no where near what it needs to be, BUT we are still here fighting. We are generally free from institutionalizion, won't be locked in an attic, punished with ECT, or given lobotomies on a whim. For this I am grateful as well as the fact that we are evolving past these comments being the norm.
  6. I didn't plot my death actively or inactively
  7. LouisRiel

    What Really Bugs You (7)

    You have been training for that part for ages Note to others: we talk about showers being a pain and this was not an insult
  8. LouisRiel

    what are you watching right now?

    Queer Eye. Need a happy show.
  9. LouisRiel

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    This depressive episode I am back in and how much of it is my fault for not taking care of myself. Missed meds, missed sleep, missed meals, and not taking time to recharge while awake.
  10. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Crushing depression. Returned
  11. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Towel Naked Bed
  12. Showered, washed kids clothes and packed toys, diapers, and wipes. Downloaded some shows from Netflix for our trip and started to charge up all the electronics. Bring on freaky Northern sun trip. It is good in stages, but a Biotch long term.
  13. At certain points movies that relate too closely to my trauma. Violence, emotional and physical abuse, oppression, addiction in families, Catholicism, dysfunction, and ganging up on people all horrible. I left Bridesmaid's when I was in a theatre with my family because the victimization was destroying me.
  14. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    unless it's hate I nailed it!