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  1. LouisRiel

    Random Thoughts #3

    Head hurts Stopped effexor
  2. LouisRiel

    What was a small victory you had today?

    Wanted Red bull after my seroquel and talked myself out of it. Put the cup of ice and can away after saying don't ****ing do this.
  3. LouisRiel

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    I am trying to make this break count with high school upgrades while I get my meds in order, but sedation, transportation, and crowds are overwhelming. I do not want to waste another year of my life
  4. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Exhaustion, dreading errands
  5. Made it through class without a breakdown
  6. LouisRiel

    The Post Anything Thread (2)

    Someone recently argued with the severity of my clinical anxiety representation my pdoc described on my disability forms which actually hurt me. It brought me back to years of being blown off and how harmful assumptions about our bs "passing" techniques can do more harm than good.
  7. Adjusted my desk to the lowest setting possible to comfortably sit with a balance ball
  8. Going on my trip back home rather than in bed recuperating from a long day yesterday. Physically and mentally exhausted with the addition of 'helpful' tips on how I could have. I couldn't manage to get out of bed never mind pack a suitcase and travel for hours.
  9. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Exhausted, sad, disappointment
  10. LouisRiel

    3 Words Of The Moment

    Self destructive queen
  11. LouisRiel

    Post your day in 1 word.

    "Coma" 14 hour sleep
  12. LouisRiel

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    I want highs, excessive caffeine, alcohol, and all nighters
  13. LouisRiel

    What Are You Doing? #10

    Drinking a Red bull like an *****. Last day I am telling myself.
  14. LouisRiel

    What was a small victory you had today?

    I got out of bed in the morning for once , took a shower, and took my ****ing meds
  15. LouisRiel

    The Post Anything Thread (2)

    I am so grateful I found a doc who wasn't an incompetent a****** with a god complex.