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  1. I d I o T... compassion.....I'm new, didn't know the words would not go through.
  2. I mentioned this to my counselor and he said I have ***** Compassion. Google it sometime.
  3. You are not alone. I tell my doctor how tired I am of putting on my Robin Williams face. That's exactly how I feel. I just started meds, and tbh, they aren't doing much. I'm going to hang in there and hopefully I'll get to see the rainbow unicorn like the rest of the world sees. Maybe we should invest in some rose colored glasses. That might work. All the best. By any chance are you in an unhappy marriage. I was and getting out was amazing, but now I'm depressed again. I'm still happy I'm single though.
  4. I take endocet (percocet) for chronic pain. Anytime I've taken a generic apo brand my skin itched off me. Apparently generic has the exact same med dose but the 'fillers' are different. So you may be allergic to one of the other ingredients. The apo brand I had was from Walmart pharmacy. As far as the tiredness goes, I'm on day 9 Escitalopram and I'm still tired too. I don't think that comes from the generic. I think it's the meds in the pill. I can't stand being so tired all day. I even wake up tired.
  5. Thanks everyone, FLguy do you have ADD? I'm in Canada, I've asked for the medication and for the test and have been turned down. :( I certainly think I have ADD. Seems everyone thinks that bc I went to college I don't have it. SMH. Is Vyvanse just as hard to get as aderall?
  6. Anyone else live in a mess? I can't keep up. I take anxiety attacks doing dishes. I wouldn't call myself a hoarder because I can throw things away, however, I can't get started. I'm overwhelmed. Then once in awhile a friend will help me tidy up and the next day the mess starts again. The anxiety of living like this is so hard. I don't know why I get paralyzed with stress when I am in my home. Anyone else? Just started seeking help with psydr. and he has me on wellbutrin and then just added cipralex two days ago. I feel drained right now. Emotionally and physically. Was wondering if there is a miracle drug out there for energy and concentration, as I am lacking in both all the time. I'm so ashamed too. I'm a 44yr old depressed female.
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