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  1. How did the Remeron work for you GG333? The fact that it also helps regarding insomnia catched my interest.
  2. In my humble opinion, the hardest thing when suffering from depression and/or anxiety, is trying to pinpoint what is causing it. But in most cases it is a combination of minor and mayor "annoyancies", eufemistically said and then also add a chemical inbalance in the brain in the mix, and you are heading for a depression. For me personally, it is the loneliness although I have a perfect and caring partner but even in here presence, I feel solitude. Being lonely on a planet with 7 billion people, and yet this is how I feel. Anyway, you are clearly leading a healthy lifestyle so that is most certainely not the cause. It is easy to say, don't bother about what others think, but it is indeed very hard not to. It has become an automatism for many of us, the need to be liked. When I took Fluvoxamine, an old SSRI, it took away that urge. I am by nature a shy person but it totally changed my need how I was percepted by others. I just didn't care anymore and it made me indeed a lot happier. But it also took away all fear and that caused a lot of trouble for me(racing on a 1000 cc motorbike after teaching myself via youtube videos, no joke) Could it be that your work where you are constantly confronted with negative behaviour is one of the causes?
  3. I would be honoured to become your friend, you are clearly a good person.


  4. I used Fluvoxamine for over a decade and have been using Lexapro/Sipralexa since a few months now. It does work but I am tapering it down because it causes too much insomnia. My doctor suggested upping to 20 mg and taking Lorazepam but I ignored that advice. Medication ending on "pam" means its a benzodiazepine and I really dont want go down that road. I found great comfort though in using Trazolan(Trazodone). Did you managed to sleep on the Sipralexa?
  5. You are welcome. When you suffer from depression, it also means you contemplate about life and you very probably are more intelligent than the average person. It also means you have a conscious. All the wrong doings in this world might make you sad because you worry about these things, simply because you are good person. Maybe knowing this can make you feel a little bit happier.
  6. Hello Deflated, I am rather new here too and talking to likeminded souls has already improved my well being. I also registered here without really knowing what to look for, but since we are all in the same boat, you will find relief and support. It is important that you are not alone, you will win this fight and you will feel better, a lot better. Writing and sharing thoughs has indeed a therapeutic effect. It has taken a very long time for me to feel better, and finding the right medication is crucial. If you want to talk, feel free to send me a message.
  7. Many thanks for your kind reply. I thought I could never get rid off the Ambien, so glad I finally did.
  8. Hello all My apologies since I totally forgot to introduce myself. I am 42 years old and because of traumatic events during my childhood, have social anxiety and always recurring depression. Have been using Ambien for many years and since a week I am off that. Feeling a lot better now and it would be great to meet good people. Kind regards
  9. OK thank you. sorry for the very late reply! totally forgot this.
  10. I just started with the Trazodone because of insomnia. Did it help with depression and anxiety? I think you have a very good taper time table, when you do it so gradually. There is a large withdrawal forum at benzobuddies.org
  11. Euhm okay, the word "k-illing" seems to be censored. Seriously??
  12. After quitting Lexapro cold turkey, which was a really bad idea because the third week I felt so depressed, I actually contemplated ******* myself. So started taking Lexapro again 2 days ago(5 mg for now) but even with such a low dose, even with using Zolpidem 2 x 10 mg, it is extremely hard to sleep. It was hard to sleep when I took it for the first period but not like this. I have to admit I have been using Zolpidem for years nog( 10 to 15 mg a night). Anyway, my question is, if someone knows any good alternative to Zolpidem while on Lexapro? Thank you.
  13. I just reread my post and noticed I wrote the following sentence: "and just like you abusing the fact I don't look bad". Ofcourse I did not mean you abused. I meant I was in the same situation as you. My sincere apologies for any misunderstanding!
  14. Hello Kevin, I did not have the intention of registering on this forum until I read your post and was baffled because the many similarities. Until three years ago, I also did spent my whole life jumping from one relation to another, sometimes absurdly dating unknown women three times a day and just like you abusing the fact I don't look bad and younger than my real age. Always dated older women because it made me feel secure somehow. I have been on Luvox for 15 years but that brought me into some very dangerous situations more and more and I got tired of the emotional spikes and it just stopped working. Switched to Lexapro a few months ago but quitted because feeling tired all the time. Are you using any depression medication now? Remember you will always feel better. We just suffer from a (treatable) inbalance on a molecular level in our brain. Only the causes are different for everyone. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say welcome to you and my apologies for my poor English, it's not my main language. 42 years old here, never married, never had kids
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