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  1. I'm hoping that someone who is knowledge about this topic can give me a proper answer. Say, someone is suffering from very low libido caused by a mild depression... Not suicide or sad all the time, but generally being unhappy, not fulfilled because things aren't going well (unemployment, etc). Because of this, the person has a mild anxiety issues, waking up at night and stays awake due to anxiety and negative thoughts that last for a maximum of two hours. Now, say, all of a sudden, the person's life significantly improves (person finds a job and is very happy, for example). Anxiety and negative thoughts are almost gone. In this scenario, would the libido suddenly come back or does it come back very gradually?
  2. 1sep1969

    Link Between Libido and Depression?

    Yes, I also met an endocrinologist back in 2016 and he made me do a bunch of blood tests, everything was normal.
  3. 1sep1969

    Link Between Libido and Depression?

    Thanks, Epictetus! Lovely_, my situation is somewhat different. The reason why I would feel depressed is because I feel like I haven't made any progress in my life for the past few years, partly because I can't find the job that I want to do (still working on it). I feel tired and fatigue because I'm bored (quite honestly lol), not because I'm not interested in doing anything. I feel like I can contribute something to society and I'd happy to work, so no sense of no-self worth. I'm happy to go out with friends on a weekend, though it doesn't happen often these days. I just can't imagine that this situation would suppress my libido. There are days when I'm happy and doing fine, it's still the same. I need a family doctor, but in this province where I live in, it's hard to find a family doctor. He'll probably tell me it's all in my head because blood test results will show everything is fine...
  4. 1sep1969

    Link Between Libido and Depression?

    I was not on any meds prior to starting finasteride. No, thinking back, I feel like I got worried for nothing over the sexual component. Not something that bothers me anymore and hasn't since then. Regarding dreams, I noticed that actually haven't been having a lot of dreams and maybe since I starting having the libido problem. But nothing strange. It's very confusing, and I don't know how to solve it. I know when this happen to someone who is young, it's usually due to depression, but I personally don't feel depressed enough to have a problem like that. If it's due to some depression, I should be waking up with a morning wood...
  5. 1sep1969

    Link Between Libido and Depression?

    Partly sexual, but not an assault, violation or anything like that. I'd describe it as a perfect storm that leaves you in despair. Don't know how else to describe. Thinking back right now, I'm no longer bothered by it, but at that moment, it was different. I have no idea if the sudden loss of libido is linked to it, because it really started right after. I'm very self-aware and I know what I want in life. I'm not living best time of my life, but it's not like I've never had moments like this prior to my libido problem. I'm also on finasteride (hair loss, known to cause some sexual side effects) since August 2017, but I've seen no changes.
  6. I'm 30 y/o, male. Up until January 2016, I had perfectly normal libido. All of a sudden, it just vanished, and I also stopped getting morning wood. One thing I will mention is that right before this happened, I had a "traumatic" experience that lasted only one day. I won't be into details, but suffice to say, it was probably one of the worst (if not the worst) day of my life. However, I did not dwell on and was mentally fine a few days later. Haven't even thought about it since then. But ever since then, libido has been very low. Went to a doctor (spring 2016). All blood test was fine, except deficient on Vit D (testosterone levels were somewhat low). So I boost Vit D to optimal level, and testosterone level also increased as a result. It did help my libido somewhat, but never went back to normal. I'm still taking vit D supplement and still optimal level, but my libido is still very low. It's also possible that I had a mild depression back in 2016. I can maintain an erection, but only with stimulation. However, the desire is not there. When I wake up in the morning, I no longer have morning wood, which would suggest that it's a physical issue and not mental. So I'm wonder, did that single bad experience cause all of this? Did it trigger something in my brain and cause a physical change? What am I supposed to do? I have no idea if I still have depression. No idea how to evaluate it. I'm not terribly unhappy with my life, nor suicidal. I just don't understand how I lost my libido all of a sudden and can't seem to recover it.
  7. This past few years have been the lowest point of my life. Things weren't going so well. Since late December, my libido decreased significantly. I've seen two doctors. They think it's due to a minor depression. My Vitamin D level was also very low. I've been taking supplements and trying to keep positive thoughts. I have to say that I've seen some improvement so far. I've never been suicidal, definitely not a serious depression. Before all this started happening, I want to talk about something that would happen to me last fall and summer. When I would go bed and I was somewhat sleepy (about to sleep), I felt that I falling into a black hole. It's a feeling that lasts 1 or 2 seconds. And then, when you wake yourself up, it goes away. It's hard to describe it, but it is a very unpleasant feeling. Sometimes, I felt empty inside and it felt like I was dying. It also happened when I would wake up in the middle of the night and try to sleep again. It never happened when I was fully awake or fully sleeping. Has anyone experienced this? It feels like your whole mind and body is going down into a black hole for a very short moment. I used to say to myself that if I fall sick or have a cold and had to deal with this at the same time, I would lose my sanity. Luckily, I never fell sick and this feeling went away almost at the same time when my libido level decrease. I don't get it anymore. I'm just curious to know what it was and if it was an early sign of depression.