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  1. I need as much help as I can get honestly. I've been dealing with depression, anxiety and eating problems since I was 9 and now stress because since 2014 my sister had been treating me like crap. Last month I was prescribed with a steroid for my stress acne and hives because she just had a baby who'd wake up in the middle of the night. She didn't take care of her so I did. Today I was only awake 5 minutes before I had to spend my day to babysit all 3 of her kids. I'm a messed person and its likely I will never get help for my problems but I will die trying at least.
  2. Hello I'm new to the community, I don't know what I should do yet and I don't know what say on here. I've had a s***ty experience with my emotional and psychological state since I was 9 and I am yet to get any help that wants to that ACTUALLY gives a about me. There people who were so callus that they'd even blame some situations on me. I don't know but I'd like to be a part of this community and figure out what I can do to get help.
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