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  1. I've been taking L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP for a while now. First, I was taking 500mg of L-Tyrosine and 50mg of 5-HTP for one week. After a week at this dosage, I doubled it (taking 2 pills of each/ day). They seemed to be working since I wasn't experiencing depressive episodes. However, after a while and almost done with the bottles, they seem to not be working anymore. Unfortunately, I've decided to try antidepressants again, which I was trying to avoid in the first place. I hope this will help me.
  2. I'm planning on seeing the doc soon, and haven't been on antidepressants for several years. The first antidepressant I've ever taken was Viibyrd, which was crap. Then I was taking Lexapro, which I eventually weaned myself off of since I felt that I no longer needed it. I've tried St. John's Wort in the past and have just been taking L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP. The latter seemed to help, but then stopped. Now, I feel like I need to try antidepressants out again. Anxiety seems to be a daily thing for me (generalized and social) and my depression seems to get much worse around certain times in my cycle (I'm female, 26), which leads me to believe it may be PMDD. I'm torn between Celexa and Zoloft, they seem to be pretty similar. I know they affect everyone differently, but has anyone taken both of these medications and has an opinion on which one they feel is better/had a good experience with? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I have read about taking it on an empty stomach and not to take it with SJW due to that risk. What I've read, serotonin and dopamine don't readily cross the blood-brain barrier. So, a good amount of it that the body produces from these supplements stays in the blood stream. There are several co-factors involved in the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine from 5-HTP and Tyrosine that are necessary for optimal production. Co-factors are Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Cysteine, Selenium, and Folic Acid. However, I really don't want to be taking all those pills every day, so I will try to supply these co-factors with my diet. I'm a pescetarian, so the only animal products I eat are from sea foods, eggs, and dairy. I'm searching on Amazon for 5-HTP and Tyrosine. If I end up buying them I will post about how it's affecting me.
  4. Thank you very much for your response. I am considering taking 5-HTP for serotonin in combination with L-Tyrosine for dopamine. A recommended dosage is in a 1:10 ratio, ten units of Tyrosine for every 1 unit of 5-HTP, but I can't seem to find why this particular ratio is necessary.
  5. Not wanting to get back on prescription anti-depressants again at the moment, I've been thinking about trying over the counter supplements. I have tried St. John's Wort several years ago, but stopped. I know different brands are better than others and there are other supplements available. Scientifically, some supplements are better supported than others regarding effectiveness, but it seems like many have overall good reviews from people trying to treat their depression and anxiety. With my brief search on the internet and reading personal reviews, I found that St. John's Wort, SAMe, and 5-HTP are common and rather effective for many. Does anyone have any experience with these types of remedies? What dosage are you taking per day? Any suggestions for other supplements, herbal or non-herbal? Thanks!
  6. LapisLazuli is a beautiful semiprecious gem; my favorite I believe:)

    1. LapisLazuli


      Yes! It's beautiful. One of my favorites. 


    2. Skylark1


      Lovely. Used to have one. Always made me think vault of heaven. God's artwork, imo.

      btw, thanks for the follow. :)

  7. Give the person above you random words of encouragement or an uplifting, supportive quote. Sometimes all someone needs is kindness. I found this quote by Robert Ingersoll rather fitting:
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