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  1. What a load of bollocks... Enough said, until you show me proof! Bye bye...
  2. Fair enough, I am sorry that I am so passionate. I have lived with depression for over 40 years due to the indoctrination that I received from the cult I was in. I just don't want people to think that "ONLY GOD" will look after them, when people seriously need medication for the imbalance of chemicals in their brains. I was told that I did not need the doctors in my life, only god. So I know how serious this god stuff is... People die because they believe that only god will help them... They truly need to see professionals in mental health... Just don't forget to tell them that first and foremost...
  3. Prove that there is a God... How dare you say to me "BE Blessed" I am a f***ing Atheist I just told you!!! ***??? If you have voices in your head you may be schizophrenic and need medication... I have found out that God is a lie... Evolution provides us with evidence and DNA, read up on those topics before you speak!
  4. What if god was the problem? As is in my case... Some people should be able to walk away from religion without feeling any more guilt, so you should not say these things, just in case you make someone feel worse! You might very well believe in 'God' , but I know better now... I was indoctrinated by a fundamentalist group and now I am an Atheist... You might do someone more harm, by saying what you said... Who gave you the stripes to say what is better for someone suffering from depression... FFS! ARE YOU A DOCTOR? Depression is caused by a lack of a chemical in our brains, triggered by traumas etc in our lives... 'god has F**k all to do with it!
  5. I can Identify with some of your story... So glad you are away from it now... I was involved with a cult-ish Christian group for about 30 years, since I was 17... I am left with some issues still after all that time... Hard to change a lifetimes way of thinking... I am now an Atheist and started a blog... Here is... *link removed* Best wishes to you my friend...
  6. Really, it was religion that caused my depression, so they should not just be favouring the religious surly??? 30 years of fundamentalist teachings... Depression is not just to do with religion I know, so that is one reason why the Atheist thread should still be here... Disgusted and angry too... ?
  7. Hi demonfish I think the fact that you are ill, and depressed and suffer from anxiety, is the reason why you are thinking like this... sometimes we are afraid of what is going on in the outside world, because it's like our own wee world that we really live in, and if we became 'well', then we will have to start dealing with reality!, That can be a scary thought and you are obviously not ready for that... So don't beat yourself up about this, part of the depression is feeling guilty for being ill, which I have had for many years, and I have thought all those thoughts you have too... So it's not that you really want to be ill, you are probably partly feeling guilty for being ill and are just not ready to deal with stuff yet... Does this make any sense to you? Don't feel ashamed, we would not ask anyone with cancer to justify why they have cancer, so you don't need to justify yourself to anyone... You have depression and anxiety and hopefully you should have a CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) in UK don't know what they call them outside UK! or at least some sort of medication or counselling! You could explain to them, I think they will definitely understand and help you to come to terms with your illness and hopefully start to recover from it, or at least learn to live with it! Good luck df...
  8. @scienceguy Good write up and glad you broke free (in your mind anyway) my goodness, you were a real deep thinker at such a young age... It is/was so liberating for me, but at the same time, after almost 30 years of 'Fire and Brimstone' teaching I was/am still having issues with phobias I developed all through those years... :/ But so glad to be free and reading all I can, and deciding for myself to seek out "EVIDENCE" mainly in fossils etc! I am glad I left and I am an atheist, or even Anti-theist now... @ejc i agree that it is so annoying when people are close minded and not interested, maybe we should approach believers in a different way, and pretend to ask questions because you were worried and give them the most difficult questions there is, to see how they answer... lol... Maybe it would make them think twice... ha ha... @Maluhalu I totally get you too... I got so down over a long period of time, and I didn't know I was suffering a breakdown, I just thought God was punishing me... It was so hard back then... But here I am on the other side and glad to be free... Still in recovery tho'...
  9. @womanofthelight So good to hear you are over that fearful part of it... More power to you. And you are absolutely right... I now know it was just one big con, a way to control the masses! @Shadowmantle OMG, what you went through... It is a mental sickness, because you wonder , well I wondered, how intelligent don't get this, and I do now! because I am of average intelligence and I find that hard to understand... although I was fooled as a teenager into believing and into adulthood, but now it has all become clear... I did have to have a breakdown though before I got well again! :/ @SunnyOutlook I have just commented on your DF blog, I am doing much better now thank you but i still have issues even after 16 years of walking away from it all... @Floatingheart I found it hard when I decided to walk away from it all, even though I still believed... and even on "My Story" I have not told the whole story, I worried that 'they' the Born Again believers would find it and be happy to see that I was still suffering, or what they called 'Under Conviction', because I am not under conviction, but I do suffer from phobias that I developed from my fear of dying and going to hell, so I don't really understand that part myself, but I have been told, that 30 years indoctrination is quite a feat to get over, 'if ever', but I am certainly doing a lot more happier things in my life that I was not allowed to do before, and that is read all sorts of books. I love Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens stuff, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris... And the thing is... I make my own mind up about everything now... :) Yes Floatingheart, it is most definitely 'ABUSE'... I get what you mean about forgiveness being like self care and all... but I am still so angry, and maybe one day soon I will forgive them... I will look up your link, thank you... Thank you @Floatingheart on my blog comment... I hope you enjoy it, I try to post on it regularly... some serious stuff and some funny stuff... I try to keep a balance, as I believe there are many folks out there trapped in their Religion, who cannot get out, especially Muslims who are threatened with death... That must be horrible... The internet has been... wait for it... "A god send" for me.... lol pardon the pun... but it helped me get away from all that ever so cruel indoctrination.... Good luck to all on this forum and may you find strength and support for all your needs, physical and mental... :)
  10. Hi @SunnyOutlook Yes I was told I was filth before god and no matter what I did, "Good works" would not get me into Heaven, so I thought I was up against a brick wall... 30 years later I had a breakdown... here is a link to what I wrote at the time of my breakdown, after being diagnosed with depression and very much still believing! My destructive Indoctrination This is on my own blog that I started as a way of therapy for me!
  11. Hi Floatingheart... (luv the name, sounds Native American) Thank you. And good to hear that you got out. But yet like myself, still suffer the consequences of being 'brainwashed'! I know how you feel my friend, it is good to be free! I totally get you, that having to learn all over again, learn how to trust in your own intuition and it doesn't make you bad, if a thought suddenly comes into your head... It is ridiculous that they had the 'power of thought control' over us too! I found that I was kinda arguing with myself a lot, thinking that what, I said, thought or did was wrong, when in fact it wasn't, because there was no god up there! (or way way back of my head, was there)? It really F**ks up your head eh! I also got angry with myself, angry that I got sucked into it all, angry that I was not stronger, etc... Yes I also had a lifetime of fear, that every moment of the day could be my last and I wasn't even saved! It was horrendous! I admire you for being able to let it go, and you are right the past is the past, which you will never forget. I would say I am still healing from it all, and I find it hard to forgive! But, I partly blame myself too! I like you still struggle, but have moved on too. Here in Scotland and the UK for that matter have not found anywhere that can help me deal with "Religious Mental Abuse", that is what I see it as! So I started my own blog, which has helped me and I put my story on it, and I am amazed at the positive feedback I have had... it's Brilliant. I wish you too all the best in your journey Floatingheart... :) Brilliant, you are half Scottish too.... Luv it. I have read up so much about evolution and fossils etc, and to me, that is my proof of a life without God, and I only marvel at the world even more... it is truly Awesome! I don't know if you would want to read 'My Story' on my blog! I will leave a link anyway... You might like the rest of my blog too... :) Good Luck my friend... :) And yes feel free to message me anytime... Regards Weesue
  12. I wrote this when I was in psychiatric hospital... My Destructive Indoctrination
  13. Here is a link to my story... Too Long to put on here... Religion definitely caused my depression... :( My Story
  14. Coldfire... Thank you,I did not mean to push my views on anyone least of all anyone who is suffering from depression... not at all... It was just because fallenstar was questioning their belief and I was in that position once, and I hate that people feel guilty over this as it can sometimes make the depression worse! And Sure people will still believe and maybe get comfort from that, and that's fine by me... I have many friends who are believers, and one who died, and got comfort from that belief and I don't have a problem with that, I just hate it when people are suffering because of their belief, or made to feel bad if they wanted to walk away from it... I was told it was a 'sin to be in despair', how bad is that to someone who is depressed, I didn't even know I was suffering from depression at the time. but the group I was with were very 'Fire and Brimstone' kind a group, so It was not easy to walk away. I have finally done that, and after widening my knowledge, (was not pushed into anything, by anybody) but helped by people who understood, then I started to recover very slowly... Society is these day very sad... and there are many people out there who are trying to right the wrongs, that we as a Humanity have done to each other... I do hope we do "band together" coldfire you are right there... Hopefully in a more peaceful and tolerant way, belief or no belief! Fallenstar I hope I have not offended you in anyway, I just felt a little passionate about this because I would hate to see anyone go through what I went through... I wish you well in whatever you choose, but seek help from your doctor first and foremost, and ask about support groups to help with your depression... Take care... :)
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