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  1. Riverlight Stand your ground on this, but at the same time don't be afraid to turn and walk away. Be brave like the little toaster. Give it sometime like you said, I don't even know. Your right you don't know and it's the not knowing that's the worst part of it. Every relationship there is some give and take, but you need to know what your willing to over look and what your not going to over look. This time put yourself first. In the end it will either be or it wont be, if it was ment to then everything will be fine if not then it's time to move on to someone who wants you to be the best you, you can be. I hope everything works one way or another. ((HUGS)) Best wishes Z
  2. I would not mind doing some archery today, but it is way to windy today to try.
  3. I am physically tired, I am emotionally tired, I am spiritualy tired, I am tired of being alone, I am tired of being abandoned, I am tired of hurting myself, I am tired of hurting others, I am tired of being lied to, I tired of being used, I am tired of crying, I am just tired. To be truthful I am tired of living.
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    I could have every friend in the whole world, in the history of mankind. But I could careless about that, I just want ONE. ONE person that feels the same about me as do them. Just ONE is all I need, ONE so I will not eat in dinner alone, ONE so my bed is not as lonely, ONE so I can make memories with, ONE that I want to take places, ONE so when I am down they care, ONE that can spend my life with. All I want is ONE, that's all I need is ONE. But to try and find just ONE, is just impossible for me. That's why I have given up on it. They say that I need to take the risk. When it has been the mask for pain and suffering in my life you don't want to risk it. But in ever relationship I put everything I have in it, only to watch it come back to me in pieces. I just can take that kind of pain anymore, nor do I really want to risk it again. That's a kind of pain that hurts the most. Sorry nothing philosophical today, its almost poetic.
  5. @JasonDark Made Me Smile (4 word mutinous)
  6. Sad, hurt, very tired. I am very tired of being abandoned, every time it happens I get really sad. It makes me not want to continue on. But this it hurts more then normal. This time its was done by someone who kept saying they care and always will. That they will and would never leave me, but they still did. This is why I have given up on relationships of every kind, because if I let them in and I truly get hurt again idk what I am going to do.
  7. Just wanted to see how your doing today?

  8. 36 Baby bronze breasted Turkey chicks.
  9. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
  10. Hi, Christine. Does anyone else feel the same you do? Yes me, the two biggest differences between you and me. First gender female to male and second age 26 to my 25. I know how you feel about being alone and truly not wanting to be. Waking in the morning next to no one, coming home to no one, having no one to hold you in a scary movie comes on. It sucks I know, you can also talk to me, I am a good listener. Better? How about stable, let's start there. Everyone has depression or has depressive moments in there life. I have been depressed a long time I guess but I never believed it, so I was blind to what I could not see. But now its like a floodgate as been opened I have tried four different time three different ways. I still think about it but I don't have the strength to try again. Have a good day/night, and welcome to DF.
  11. Does anyone count sun burning the out of my arms count as accomplishing anything? If so then yea me.
  12. Wake up for work, think I don't want to go. Then look over see no one laying beside me sleeping away, feel sadden by the sight of nothing.
  13. Winter is coming but not yet. Its only 6 months away need to start prepping for it.
  14. Bored Out-of My-skull How to turn five words into three add a -
  15. No you unlike that now that's not a meal, I am still hungry I can't find anything good to eat.

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      I all kinds of stuff but none of it sounds good

  16. Chili with cheese Dill pickle chips Ice coffee
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