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  1. Unloved family and abandoned by friends
  2. Why is it when you have to take something away from a baby it's so damn strong?
  3. The United States holds the record for world's fastest production car clocking in at 270.49 miles per hour. It's held by Hennessy with the venom gt
  4. Yes he does. Now just be yourself, don't try to be the person you think he wants. If he wanted that then he would have went for that but no, he wants you not the you of five years a ago, not the you that was two dress sizes smaller. He wants you for the person you are now. Don't go crazy fast either your health is still important make sure everything health wise is doing good. Just go at what ever pace you feel comfortable with. I hope everything works out for you.
  5. Ok mine is a two part thing I learned one thing to do an other better. I love hot rods and street rods, fast and loud, calm and quite, mile munching street rockets, or stop light racing monsters. So I want to school to learn how to restore the classics my skill set is very specialized everything from engines and transmissions to metal fabrication and paint. Well two other instructors sparked my love of hot rods more I have a little book filled with ideas I want to build someday. Well I was really good at custom paint and metal fab, (well I was good at it all, top 5 in my graduating class) well the custom paint instructor showed us how to pinstripe. He kept pushing my buttons everything I did was never good enough, but the stuff I was turning was better then most everyone else's, so he saw I could be really good if I tired hard enough. I don't have every photo of the stuff I have made from it I have made the Mustang running horse, the Colts horse shoe. The photo provided for my father that was made with a chisel hammer and that's it I draw what I wanted then went to tow. I was going to be commissioned to a sign in a piece of sheet steel that was going to be 4' by 8' but we could not get the right metal so here are photos I do have. I gave up on those skills but I am relearning to make a job out of it.
  6. Jeep means, Just Empty Ever Pocket. In regards to repair.
  7. So a welcome back is an order. (cough cough)..... Welcome back
  8. After getting that all out how do you feel? Better? Worse? You should focus on you not him forget him, what he did sounds like he's a jerk, but I don't know him you do. Let's make you number one you need to find something stable in your life, find your rock. Your life is worth living, don't end it because of some guy. Even if you thought he was going to be the last one you would ever date, he's not worth it. You will be that special someone to someone just give it time. (Damn I really should listen to music own advice) I have found long distance relationships to be more stressful, then the traditional ones. But they can and do work, I have seen them work. I have seen make it three years with 2,000 miles in between, and now they have been married for fives now and counting. So don't let any one say they can't, because they can they take a little more work. You will be ok. If you need someone to talk to or just listen to you, I will be here or over there next to that tree. If you can't find me there then look on the couch I will be napping. (I hope that made you smile, if it did then my plan worked preemptive yes.)
  9. That a bunch of pythons got into the house and we did not notice them at first. Time when on then I found one in my bed and it was trying to eat me no matter how hard I fought it kept fight me it wanted to eat me. I woke up before I found out if it did. I am not afraid of snakes, I have a healthy respect for them, but that scared me.
  10. How are you going to backpack threw Asia if you do? Today emotionally I feel like blah, I am hot, sweaty, tired, hungry have not eaten in two days, physically tired from my torture work outs.
  11. Well it's true and you said it yourself that no one wants to listen to depressing things. "From this day on, it might benefit me to not have feelings toward anyone. At the end of the day, it's all about them." Don't shut every person in the world out, how are you to grow as a person? How will you met the last person you will ever want to met? Believe it or not there are people in this world that once they get to know you they care more about you and your life then there own life. I am one of those people I have bent over backwards to try and help people worry about them care for them be there when they need something sometimes even at my own finance. At the end of the day I can't change it I just care about others well being more then my own. Then when you need someone the most they turn their head and walk away, it hurts I know. You need to just find that one person who cares for you. If you need someone to vent to or rant to I will listen to you and what you have to say. Z
  12. You do not need to apologize for anything. It feels like your standing in a crowded room yelling for help but no one hears you. If they do hear you they done do anything to help. Friends perhaps... but I hardly believe in such thing anymore, they always leave or just don't care, use me. I truly understand what you mean, I recently had a friend of 20 drop met the door step when I needed him the most. Loved him like a brother I don't have one. Then out of the blue he messages "checking in on you". I have been abandoned more times then I can count to the point it left me with big trust issues. If you need someone to talk to or just someone to vent to or rant to I will listen.
  13. Still no response, but sometimes she can take up to even 24 hours to reply back, but we've been chatting the past 5 days & she keeps replying back so I assume she at least likes talking to me. If nothing just keep talking to her. She probably a little lonely, that's why she has the profile. To either find new people to talk to or to find someone to have fun with. Wink wink.
  14. That does sound like a hit to me, maybe she is fishing to see how you would react to the idea. But so what if the age gap is 15 years. Is it just the idea that the age gap is that big off putting? Just remember its just a number with not a lot of meaning don't get me wrong it means something but at the end of the day its just a number. I dated a women that was a 11 years older then me. Or is it more of the kid? For me that's what would make me think twice about something serious. But remember to each is own.
  15. Hello and welcome to DF. Don't feel bad I don't know many people that do like to talk about themselves. What area of Wisconsin are you from? I go up by Drummond for hunting trips just about every year I love the country up there. But you need not suffer alone, we are all on here for one reason or an other.
  16. zdude954


    The sun needs the moon The light needs the dark The good needs evil The righteous needs the wicked Super hero's need super villains We need to find the balance, just as the other have there's. For every up there is a down, but for every valley there is a hill.
  17. If you paint a Boeing 747, it's like adding the weight of a horse to it.
  18. Remember hope is a the thing with wings, it can fly over any obstruction in front of it.
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