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  1. The memories of someone I use to love, but I can't love anymore. They use to be sweet memories but now they have turned sour to the mind I want them gone I want them to leave me alone. I can't forget them they just keep coming back and taking my sanity more and more. They are one of driving forces for ending it just to make them stop and go away.

    You asked.

  2. I can't wait for to be over so I that way I can sit down and watch TV with out seeing an ad for it. Personally I think it's not going to be good either way no matter who wins or loses. I am one of those people that does not fit into any political group I think they all have some good ideas and some bad ideas, so I don't agree with anyone but I don't disagree with anyone either.

  3. Not wanting to be alive anymore. Not wanting to see the sun raise anymore. I just want to go away and never return. I have only been up for 2 hours and I have thought about the idea of suicide 5 times now, and as the day goes on it will only get worse. I am so tired of everything, I am tired of the bullying, I am tired of the continent pain, I am tired of being alone unwanted unloved, I am tired of not going anywhere in life, I am tired of being who I am and not being good enough. 

    Now you know what's on my mind.

  4. Ok being the tallest person to post height means nothing. I stand at 6'3" (1.9 meters) by what most everyone saying (guy's) then every women should be lining up to be with me guess what there not I can't get anyone to even look at me. I am a little over weight 224 lb (101.6 kg) I have an average build but I am strong. So clearly if was based solely on those things then someone with in 200 miles should want me but there isn't I've looked. Some women prefer taller men, some prefer shorter, some heavy set, some thinner. Just like every guy does not prefer the same type of women. On that topic alone we can go forever and forever till the world ends NO one is going to like the same things in their partner.

  5. I do not have any yet I can not afford to get them.The first one will go on either my left or right arm it will be the firefighters maltese cross with crossing fire axes behind it in the middle will be the 457 which is my father's numbers above it will say my and below it hero. Then on the other arm will be a sleeve with video game symbols and logos. I can not truly ever explain what video games have given me over the years, and most of you would never understand anyway. I tried to well kind if explain it in a blog post. Then the last one I would have to get the photo of the drawing and post it because I can not explain it well enough so you could picture it.

  6. If you plant the seed from an apple you just eat no matter what kind of apple it is you WILL NOT get that apple tree. Apples have cross genetically modified so many times that it will not produce the same apples. That and it is a very common practice to graft one apple tree onto the roots of an other, some tree are more resistant to environmental effects then others but produce an undesirable food where, some produce a better fruit  UT the tree is weaker to environmental effects.

  7. 1 hour ago, nightrose said:

    Johhny Appleseed (John Chapman) was born in Massachussetts in 1774.  He planted apple trees throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  He is buried in Indiana,  where he died in 1845.  The apples he planted were not really eating apples, and were often used in cider.

    The city of Fort Wayne hold a festival called the johnny apple seed festival at Johnny apple seed park.

  8. I agree it does sound like you do. Coming from someone who does at times it can and will get scary I have zoned out while driving all of a sudden 2 hours had passed and I was in a different state. I was driving to that state anyway but I can not tell you what happened in those two hours.

    I have also been told well then how do you site in front of a screen and play video games then? Easy there is always something happening every second. Something can and will change at a moments notice keeping your mind busy.

  9. This will make all the GM fans made at me, but the original reason Nascar put restrictor plates on the cars was not because of driver safety it was because GM could not keep up with Ford and Chrysler. So in order to even them all out they slowed the other two companies. They do it now for driver safety.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Teddy545 said:

    I'm sorry if my supreme leader Snoke avatar is too creepy.  I'll work on getting a picture of my cat being miserable in her pumpkin costume. 

    Is that who it is. I like the actor that plays him, over the years he is becoming more and more my favorite. Andy Serkis has played more people then anyone will ever know.

  11. What's the point? The point is to get out and off your chest. It's to try and make yourself feel better. I know all to well about dead end jobs every job I have had is a dead end I have worked retail and food service so tell me about. I did not hate the job just that I was not making enough money to live. 

    Everyone looses friends after high school. You move, they move, you grow up the list keeps going on and on. I have friends that I still talk too but he is about to move over 300 miles away, and one that is no longer in the country. But if I saw then tomorrow I would still call them friend. It's your call weather or not to call them friend or not.

  12. So to be 100% truthful for a million dollars I will take the money please.

    You get a million dollars but... every morning when you wake up one of your hands is a different object. So instead of a hand it would be what ever object fits or can be held in one hand i.e a fork, hammer, hair dryer, small lamp anything. It would reset and be something different in 24 hours. 

  13. Hi foxxx, did you you know we have a squirrel?

    This place is pretty safe I think you will find what your looking for in that aspect. This there really a "bad" intro, it's all in what you feel comfortable with. The first day is a lot like the first day at school, your nervous because there are so many different people so you do more reading then talking but as you find yourself getting more and more comfortable you will open up more. I am looking for to seeing you around, I like you fox photo.

  14. 7 hours ago, LoneSquirrel said:

    This is really creepy.

    I had a certain brand and flavor of tea that I haven't had in over a year, and next thing I know, I'm seeing an ad for it on this site for the first time.  Then yesterday I got a call to schedule a hearing test at a particular place I've never been to, and today I'm seeing an ad for it on this site for the first time.

    I feel like someone is spying on me.

    Run squirrel run.

  15. The name of the game is million dollars but, you get one million dollars but something in your life changes forever until the day you die. Of course I will start it off, but I will not answer it. So the person the reads it will answers it and then will come up with a new million dollars but question.

    You get a million dollars ( a lot of money) but every time you see a cat you freak out and run away. It would be a big scene you freaking out is yelling and screaming like a little kid, you would run away as fast as you can yelling and screaming until you can not see the cat any more. It does not matter how big or small the cat is, it could be a lion at the zoo or a kitten at a pet store. Do you take the money or leave it?


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