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  1. Welcome friend to our forum family. We are here to help each other as best we can. I can't comment on antidepressants since I never used them. We do try to be clever with dealing with Old Man Depression. Our goal here is to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave. Keep posting and check out some other posts for interesting insights. You won't be alone here. Oscar
  2. Oscar K

    Signs Of Emotional Wall Built?

    Very good question and important topic. The emotional wall is a METAPHORICAL emotional wall. It's so crucial to realize that metaphors don't actually exist. We play a psychological, linguistic trick when we insist one thing is something else when obviously it isn't. The emotional wall you built to keep yourself isolated or protected is all yours to do as you wish. You might want to demolish the wall and replace it with a friendly fence with a gate that easily opens and closes. This will allow people in who are helpful while keeping out those who are toxic. The idea is to make metaphors work for you. Food for thought? Anyway I'm always here and more than willing to talk about metaphors or as I like to call them: MEDaphors. Oscar
  3. Oscar K

    What are you thankful for this year?

    Very happy to hear you are strong and happy. We are always here for you if and when you need us. Oscar
  4. Oscar K

    so close to relapse

    Depression is a very dangerous trap. The urge to fill the depression cave is normal but not healthy. Depression is a metaphorical deep, dark abyss. If we can recognize the metaphorical nature of depression we can find the EXIT/ENTRANCE. My approach is to repeatedly remind myself to metaphorically turn my back to the vast, dark emptiness. I don't want to go back deep into my depression cave. I'll take temporary shelter near the ENTRANCE in my secret hideaway but sinking too deep must be out of the question for me. Our goal on this forum should be to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave. I'm hoping this post can bring some insight and comfort. Please despair not and keep posting my friend. Oscar
  5. Oscar K

    Barely holding on

    We are here for you. Don't despair David. Depression is awful but we need not dwell in our depression caves. We must find the EXIT and stay out of the deep, dangerous darkness. Keep posting. You are not alone here . Oscar
  6. Oscar K

    Where is my resting place

    Sorry to hear your circumstances. This forum is a great place to vent. We want only the best for you and all our forum family. Oscar
  7. Oscar K

    Just Registered

    Welcome aboard to our forum FRIENDship. You can post as often as you wish. This forum has helped me so much and no doubt it will help you. Oscar
  8. Oscar K


    Welcome M.M. to our forum family. Our goal here is to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave. Check out many posts for some very interesting insights. We are here to listen and help. Oscar
  9. Oscar K

    Creativity and Depression

    I think being more or less FUNctional is a very creative achievement. Life is way too short to be lost and trapped within ourselves. We need to help each other find the way out of our depression caves.
  10. Oscar K

    Make me an instrument of Your peace

    You're very welcome. I try hard every day to keep my back turned away from the metaphorical depression abyss. Old Man Depression is very devious so we just need to be ever clever forever. Keep posting, it really does help to unload here on our forum. We have all been through hell and we can take it. Oscar
  11. Oscar K

    Why why why?

    Keep in mind the "pit" is metaphorical. You're telling yourself you need to "climb" up and out of your pit. Climbing is difficult but made easier when you let go of unnecessary burdens. We are here to throw a metaphorical rope ladder to you but you must do the climbing. Keep posting. This forum really can be helpful. Oscar
  12. Oscar K

    Make me an instrument of Your peace

    I can't comment on the antidepressants because I never used them. We are all here for you and really want to be supportive. My insight into depression tells me it's a natural formation/resource. Depression is getting lost and trapped within ourselves. Finding the way out and putting the metaphorical depression cave to use is an ongoing lifetime challenge. My approach is to somehow take charge of my psyche and not let Old Man Depression control my life. Please don't despair. We will try to help you. Oscar
  13. Welcome Z to our forum family. Make yourself at home and we will try our best to be here for you and each other. Keep posting and check out many other posts for support and pretty good insights. Oscar
  14. Oscar K

    What are you thankful for this year?

    I'm thankful for many things but I am thankful for this forum because it helps me and countless others. Keep your chin up everyone. The holidays can be oh so stressful. If you need to unload then unload away. That's why we are here. Oscar
  15. Oscar K

    Is this normal

    Welcome to our forum family. What you're going through sounds very familiar to us depression sufferers. Depression plays havoc with our psyches and distorts reality. My feeling is we can and must play a few clever tricks right back on Old Man Depression. I'm sure you'll find support and insights on this forum. Our goal is to not leave anyone behind in their depression cave. Please stick with us and despair not. Oscar