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  1. Anxiety could be thought of as "stage fright". Actors will admit they actually need that stage fright to bring out their inner strength. Sounds counterintuitive but it seems to work for many actors. Anyway it's something to think about.
  2. Thanks for your response. Many times I have said here that Old Man Depression plays some very nasty tricks on our psyches. It seems only fair that we play some clever tricks right back. One trick I try to employ is to metaphorically turn my back on the depression abyss. Sometimes I think Old Man Depression tries to make us play a losing game of hide and seek with ourselves. Old Man Depression is pretty darn devious so we must be cleverer. Oscar
  3. Welcome to our forum family. You are sure to get a few more welcomes. I'll make one small comment on " character flaw". It's the flaws in a gem that make it sparkle. My "shtick" on this forum is to use cleverness with metaphors to deal and cope with Old Man Depression. Anyway keep posting and check through other posts. You'll find you are not alone. Oscar
  4. I think you had it right the first time. Phonics will help much better than pharmaceuticals. Depression is not caused by a lack of antidepressants. Depression is a natural condition/formation/resource. My approach is to put my depression cave to use since it ain't going away. Again and again I tell myself do KNOT go too deep. I'm KNOT going to like what I'll find.
  5. Oscar K

    I've had enough

    Logan, Don't surrender to Old Man Depression. Survive then thrive will arrive. Oscar
  6. Oscar K

    I've had enough

    The depression forum crew want nothing but the best for you. Please don't despair and don't give up on yourself. The people around you who seem happy may not be quite so well. You have untapped strength and cleverness to endure your ordeal. We are here for you to unload your burdens. We have all been through hell and we can take whatever you dump on us. So dump away. Oscar
  7. Oscar K

    Goodnight thread

    Your thread is going strong. All these threads are creating a tapestry of needed loving support. Day or night it's time to light candles and cease and desist cussing the darkness.
  8. Oscar K

    I've had enough

    There is an old adage that we all should keep in mind: It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Of course the candle and the darkness are metaphorical. With metaphors we can do anything. "Disguise" the limit.
  9. Oscar K

    Why am I here?

    If you're willing to try, we are willing to help. There is something quite cathartic just posting your inner thoughts. Each post is a rung up on your ladder out of your depression hole. I always tell new members to stick with us and stick with yourself. Oscar
  10. Oscar K

    Back.. again

    I don't mean to make it sound oh so easy to leave the past behind and start fresh with a bright new outlook. We all have heavy emotional baggage but we need not carry everything. We can pare down a lot and maybe carry just the essential learned lessons. Without a doubt life is very difficult under the best of circumstances. I try to use metaphorical tools to help me mitigate life's difficulties. Life is too short for me to be lost and trapped in my depression cave. We all want to help each other as best we can. Stick with us and stick with yourself. Oscar
  11. I have a different take on depression. To me it's a natural condition, a natural formation and a natural resource. I try to employ metaphors or as I like to call them: MEDaphors. Depression plays very nasty tricks on our psyches so I think we should play a few clever tricks right back. I use a cave metaphor because it has many useful implications. Anyway maybe this is some appetizing food for thought. Oscar
  12. Oscar K

    Why am I here?

    Welcome to our forum family. I think we all are wondering and pondering just what the heck is this crazy, confusing existence all about. I know life doesn't come automatically supplied with meaning. We should try to survive and thrive by being ever so clever with our uncooperative psyches. We are here to pull each other out of the depression cave traps. Despair not and keep posting. Oscar
  13. Oscar K

    Back.. again

    Welcome back to our forum family. I want to make one comment on the "tortured by life" metaphor you invoked. We tend to "torture" ourselves in our deep, dark " dungeon". Maybe it can be helpful to remember that there are "stairs" leading down but also leading up and out of your metaphorical dungeon. You can climb up and leave your pain and sorrow in that vast metaphorical dungeon. You could while you're at it slam the dungeon door, lock it and throw away the key. Perhaps this is food for thought. Anyway keep posting it really does help. Oscar
  14. Oscar K

    feel awful tonight

    Over eating could be perceived as an attempt to fill the empty depression cave. Of course people will try to fill the emptiness in countless other ways. To my way of thinking it's best to accept the emptiness and try to put it to use. As for the weight gain, there is no better advice than to eat less and you guessed it, exercise more.
  15. I never used antidepressants so I can't comment on them. I prefer my MEDaphorical drug I call : PLACEBOWELL. Yes it is pretend-imaginary but if it gives me relief then I'll just take hefty daily doses with zero side effects. I developed this "drug" while attending the University of Hard Knocks. We must be clever with Old Man Depression or he will mess us up bigly.