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  1. I can kinda relate to this issue and it's nice to be able to mention it without being judged by others. I'm 17, so I'm a bit younger than some of you and I here plenty of people tell me to not to worry about it, that I've got my "whole life" ahead of me, but the fact I've been single my entire damn life makes me feel kinda s***ty. All my friends are always talking about who their with, talking about how they were hanging out with them, or whatever dispute they just had and it kinda just makes me feel empty. Sometimes they bring up the fact that I've not been with anyone and it just makes me feel worse, it's like they're judging me. I know that I'm single, I know I've never had a girlfriend, I don't need you pointing it out for me like I've never noticed it thank you very much. Some of you guys mentioned dating sites, but given my age that is obviously not an option even if I was comfortable about that kind of thing. Not my scene. I can't say I feel depressed at the sight of public displays of affection, maybe it makes me feel a little jealous, but I don't think I've reached that state yet. Hope some of you have better luck in your love lifes!
  2. Don't know what I'm supposed to say or do, but thanks for welcoming me. I'm sure I'll find my footing around here soon.
  3. I'm not exactly experienced with anything to do with this, but I do know one method that can help you identify some people who are trying to pull a fast one on you in those kinds of sites. There's a thing on google images with a little camera icon that allows you to upload an image or a url to an image and will give you any search results relating to that image. If anything comes up, like...I don't know, some instragrammer with a bajillion followers they're probably a fraud. Won't always work, but I hope this helps somewhat.
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