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  1. Thank you, but I am not stupid. My Dr. Prescribes these to me for the pain issues I have and trusting him that it was 'non addictive' I ended being dependent and had terrible withdrawals everytime I stopped. And yes, it is SIMILAR to Effexor, if you look it up you can see for yourself, or just read what I posted above. I knew what I was taking, but I didn't know it also had antidepressant properties in it, since I wasn't taking it for that reason I trusted my Dr., but seeing as though I'm going through antidepressant withdrawal on top of opiate withdrawal I decided to look it up, and my Dr. never said anything about it either. I decided to stop on my own, not taper, because I didn't like the person I had become while taking these, and having to take so many (due to increase in TOLERANCE, not to get "high") just to avoid being sick and for them to actually work on the pain issues I have, definitely not worth it anymore. I now find myself very depressed after stopping. I don't ever judge anyone until I know their story, maybe you shouldn't either.
  2. Similar effects of tramadol and venlafaxine in major depressive disorder. Reeves RR1, Cox SK. Author information Abstract The analgesic tramadol has many characteristics in common with the antidepressant venlafaxine. The drugs are structurally similar, share both serotonergic and noradrenergic properties, and undergo a similar metabolic fate. In this study, a patient, who developed significant depression following cessation of tramadol after several years of therapy, is described. Her depression was then treated with venlafaxine with excellent response. It appears that tramadol may have provided a prophylactic antidepressant effect in this patient. Because of its similarities to venlafaxine, tramadol may possibly exert a degree of antidepressant effect in certain patients, particularly those with chronic pain. PMID: 18364623 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  3. Yikes. Where to begin... well I have recently stopped taking Tramadol cold turkey after 5 years of abuse (20+ 50mg pills per day, not proud!!) But as with a lot of drugs, especially this one, your tolerance increases and in order to avoid withdrawal, you have to keep making your dose higher. This pill is a double whammy, it has properties of an opiate AND an antidepressant, so after being 40 days clean from it I'm now suffering from terrible depression/fatigue etc. I've read that Effexor and Tramadol are similar in structure and Effexor is hard to withdrawal from, so I'm just wondering if anyone has any input on how long this will last? I've heard weeks, months and even years, which makes me very uneasy.
  4. I feel your pain. Tramadol can be a NASTY drug, and when you stop taking it you have to deal with coming off of the pain ******* portion and the anti depressant portion, which makes it even worse. I'm on day 26 of being clean (cold turkey) off of them after 5 years of heavy using and it hasn't been easy. No sleep for a couple weeks along with the RLS, bubbleguts and everything else the withdrawal experience brings. The physical symptoms are mostly gone, but the severe lack of motivation and now depression/anxiety are the WORST. I've never felt this low before so now I'm left wondering if I severely messed my brain up for the rest of my life. Each day does get better but some are worse than others. Stay as far away from them as possible. My Dr. never warned me about the effects after stopping, I chose to do so on my own when I realized I wasn't the same person anymore after being on them for so long. Just know that it does get better, so hang in there!
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