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  1. I am so in-TENSE

    past tense

    Now I feel 

    Inertia Creeping movingbup slowly

    Feeling sad angry and high all the same time

    But now..I feel the high turning to the worse still high make no mistake but the bile

    I taste it now, I feel it

    Tiger tiger burning bright

    But it gets so dark

    eternity in a grain of sand 

    Why were you so perceptive william blake

    F ucking Jerusalem

    shalom salaam allah akbar 

    Kabbalah sheol gehanna hosianna

    Going down down

    Sinking going down 

    The pit and the pendulum

    Finnegans f uckin wake.

    Wheres the guiness when I need it

    Men fan också

    **** my mind up

    Ineed to be dead NOW




    1. JD4010


      William Blake definitely had it going on. My daughter loves his work. I'm rather fond of it myself.

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