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  1. I have nothing to say anymore. “This clock shows only mythical hours These books show only fictional days One system is only as good as another I don't think you're listening I think I'll tell you again I just thought you'd like to know” Comsat Angels - Postcard
  2. Just love the connotations of the name of the track and the sheer warped industrial dubness..
  3. Take care, hocico. Drink water and keep listening to awesome music.
  4. Dunno, perhaps corona is nature's reaction to humanity's fu cked upness. Too many of us living the wrong way(ecologically speaking), too many people using up natural resources. Or perhaps nature decided to take sides against the likes of presidents whose name rhyme with dump or spew tin.. Then again I think humanity just sucks. We get what we deserve.
  5. Cuckoo cuckoo cu- The song, it stops. Silence now Both sides of the lake
  6. Funnily enough I always see a golden retriever in my minds eye when I hear the Downton Abbey theme tune.
  7. Even the best of times I just tolerate people. But I don't really like people. As a species we just f uck up. Any "good" we do in the world is outweighed by the selfishness, callousness and stupidity that is the true human condition. We only have to look at the people we have voted into power, our funkced up economy system, the burning of the rain forests, the uncontrolled breeding of humanity, the stupid and pointless wars still fought, our petty, reduntant religions and equally so called customs and traditions.. I am no better of course. I think we would do this planet and the whole cosmos a favour by just vanishing out of existence.
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