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  1. YAY! Love this thread. I did get up this morning. It's the little victories.
  2. <<<<< agrees with Duck. I think it would be a good situation. So many out there don't know what we deal with.
  3. I just moved, and have 0 motivation to unpack and get organized. We are getting by the last few days, but things are in SUCH disarray. I need motivation!
  4. I am also a Christian suffering with anxiety and depression also. You are not alone. It helps me to know that God won't put me through anything that I cannot handle. IF I am having a particularly bad time (like it sounds like you are right now), I look deep within myself and ask myself, very honestly, "Am I doing what God wants me to do?" Give it a try. We are on his path, not ours. Are you on the right path?
  5. Duck!!!! We are all in this together! We are here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Bhorout! That is huge! Keep it up! You can do this
  7. I actually feel about 90% myself! Considering the MAjor Depressive Episode I have been in, thank GOD I am feeling better. I was in a living hell for a while.
  8. Siren...I subscribed to the "Internet Therapy". I was in contact with a therapist and we emailed back and forth a few times. He was actually kinda helpful. I am more of an "in person": therapy type, so I have a new therapist that I really like, that I will see weekly. You can give the internet therapy thing a shot..its free for 7 days. Good luck, and let us know how it's going!
  9. HI there! It isn't as hard as you may think. I am going completely online, and it is VERY flexible. I am doing it...you can too! Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you~
  10. Hi Monkey bear Welcome. Now that you defined what intrusive thoughts are..yes! I get them all the time too...some times more than others. I have to be cautious of things on TV (like medical dramas, animals suffering,etc) because those thoughts do get blown up, and I end up having symtoms of a weird, unknown disease, or a obsess over all the animals that suffer in the world. It's awful. Try to stay proactive! I had 2 different therapists tell me that I am a sensitive person (I am ), and I should shield myself from certain things that may trigger anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I am not currently suffering from an episode of anxiety, but I still won't turn on certain TV shows or channels because I am afraid of the intrusive thoughts.? Do you have close friends and/or family to lean on? Are you in therapy? Are you taking any meds? Have you seen a doctor? You are certainly NOT a broken person! All of us here are battling SOMETHING. Whether it is the darkness of depression, or the out of control spiral of anxiety or panic, OCD, bipolar, delusional thoughts, WHATEVER. We are all human beings and here for the same reason. We can relate to others in our situations. You are NOT alone. You are NOT broken. You just need a little help. That's why we are all here.
  11. Hi Sofishticated..love the name! I am sorry you are having a crappy time. May I ask how old you are? It sounds to me that you had a panic attack, and now have anxiety. Medicine and therapy will help. I have battled the same demons. I stay strong and muster on through until the horrible fog lifts. Go to work, try to do things you like. Don't push yourself, a little at a time. You'll see that the more proactive you are, and by not giving in to the fog of anxiety and depression, you feel more in control and help yourself, along with therapy and meds. You're in a caring place here, where we all have been where you are right now. Welcome.
  12. Hi there Nice to meet you, and huge KUDOS for getting through a suicidal episode. It is nice to meet a fellow Pennsylvanian here, but sorry you're battling anxiety and depression; I know the feeling. Keep up with the therapy and meds...they help! Blessings Cathryn
  13. My name is Cathryn, I am 45, the single mom of 2 great boys. I work and I am in school full time to better myself for me and my boys! I am 2 years into my BS in Human Services Administration. I have suffered from mild bouts of depression, and major anxiety/ocd and panic attacks for most of my adult life. Medicine has usually worked wonders for me. About 6 weeks ago, it seems as my meds just stopped working, and I went into the deepest, darkest depression I have ever felt! I wouldn't wish that darkness on anyone...ever! Through a change of meds, some therapy, and being proactive (I felt sorry for myself for about 3 weeks...a pity party), I feel so much better. It DOES lift! It DOES get better! HANG IN THERE! I felt hopeless, and now I feel about 90% myself...I am getting there! I am so glad I found these forums, and am excited to get to know you all, so that we can lean on each other. I am here to help anyone if I can :-) I hope the weather is nice where you are...it is GORGEOUS here! Blessings Cathryn
  14. Hi PurplePoet!!!! Welcome! I literally just changed my major to Human Services yesterday! I am 45, a single mom, and decided to go back to school 2 years ago. I took the practical route, with an IT major, not going with my heart (helping people). Well, the "practical route" was backfiring! My heart just wasn't in it, and I couldn't grasp IT (I am completely new to the field)!! I talked with my advisor, and just changed my major yesterday...I am so glad that I met you and saw that was your major as well! I am glad that I am not following my heart...I have always loved helping people in any way I could. I may not be rich with this degree, but my heart will be full. I am sorry that we also share anxiety and depression in our lives as well. I hope you are feeling well, and that the weather is good where you are. Here in SW PA, it has been sunny and unusually warm!!! Welcome to this group..I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else better! Cathryn
  15. Hello PurplePoet I am so sorry you are going through this. I too have dealt with anxiety and depression most of my adult life..I know how thoughts can spiral out of control. Do you trust him? If the answer is yes, then you can believe what he is telling you, and that he is really going through a depressive episode. You asked for advice and here it is...You sound like a good, trusting person. If you trust your boyfriend, and love him, do what you can to support him. You know when we are depressed, we withdraw from those that we love, and those that want to help us. Do you think that is what is happening? It is hard to live with personal depression and anxiety issues, and it will be hard to have a boyfriend that deals with these issues as well. If you trust, don't let your anxious thoughts overtake your common sense. Good luck to you!!!!! Cathryn
  16. I am so very sorry, and you have my condolences. Pets are family...I have lost them, and it hurts terribly. God bless..time will heal some of the pain.
  17. Welcome! It definitely helps me when I know I am not alone in battliing depression...I hope it helps you get some comfort as well. We are all in the same boat. Cathryn
  18. Hopelessness and guilt that I am not the best mom I can be to my kids. Depression sucks.
  19. Do you live with your mother? Do you work, and are you able to get out on your own? It sounds like that relationship isn't helping you at all...it is sending you into a deeper depression, and you definitely don't need that.
  20. Oh my goodness. Thank God you are taking action, like a good parent should. So many parents seem to just overlook or ignore their child's internet habits. Take away her phone (if she has one), and change the wifi password when you're not there so she can't get online. Make sure she gets therapy, perhaps medication, and keep an eye out for destructive tendencies. Good luck to you!
  21. Hi Charles So sorry you are feeling so badly...I feel exactly the same way. I don;t know about you, but I feel better knowing I am not alone. Glad you came here! This is actually my first post on these boards, I felt like I had to respond because I could SO relate to your plight,. What meds are you taking? My doc and I are currently trying to get off Effexor and change up my med cocktail so I can start feeling better. Feeling like this is debilitating. Are you married? Kids? My kids are all I have, and they're my life. They force me to keep going when I just want to sleep. Welcome and know you are not alone. Cathryn
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