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  1. I'm not that worried about addiction. I have ways of coming out of it when I need to. But of course that would require a prescription which at this time is being denied to me. Yeah I don't think it would help me that much more than the antihistamines I already take daily. I'd disagree that it's not addictive, though. It isn't mentally but physically I think it is. Lexapro. I hate anti depressants though. Not a fan of SSRIs. I am depressed but anxiety and anger are the main issues I have.
  2. You have to approach them. They will never approach you, at least that's how it is for me. I also read you don't drink so if you are sober it can be hard too since depending on your age people are mostly into partying. What events did you go to? Also why not go to events with your gf or if she doesn't like them (my boyfriend hates going to concerts with me) why not still go out alone sometimes?
  3. I have one. Should I see another? I should also mention it's kind of odd...whenever I go to meet with her it's through video chat.
  4. So right now all my psychiatrist will prescribe me is vistaril and lexapro. They don't do anything. I get that antidepressants can take months to work, but I have panic attacks and need better medicine than stupid useless vistaril. What can I do to get a better medication? Try a different doctor or just keep trying with the one I have now? The attacks are unbarable but all she said was to come back in another month (two months now). I would like a benzo but I'd be willing to try some other type of medication as long as it is stronger than vistaril because that does nothing.
  5. It takes a lot of work to make friends. I am in a bad place now but before my happiness was ripped away by the cruel pig like men in this world, I became comfortable with going to events alone like concerts MD music festivals hat normally you'd go with friends to. Sometimes I didn't meet anybody but I ended up meeting cool people other times that were my friends for the weekend though it didn't get past that. I do have a couple of friends and finally made a friend I can see anytime I want to. It took me almost two years. Before that I had a friend who stole from me so I became friendless for years but going to events alone eventually I was able to meet someone. It can be really hard but if friendship is something you want keep engaging in your hobbies and it could pay off. After all, you have a girlfriend so you could probably make a friend. Articles online are useless.
  6. Is doxylamine better than nytol? Because I take that daily and hate it. I hate drinking and hangovers so that doesn't work too well either. The psychiatrist I have right now sucks and only will prescribe me a vistaril which does nothing. I would love a benzo. I get urine analysis so I can't do illegal stuff that would help. I'm looking into this benzo analogue that seems promising and it's legal so maybe that could be my time machine. I kind of want to try a different doctor or psychiatrist but I'm not sure how different they will be. Seems hard to get prescribed anything helpful. It wouldn't have to be a benzo but something better than an SSRI and this lame vistaril might actually do something for me.
  7. Ketamine destroyed my body. There are well documented effects. Look up Ketamine cystitis. It eats the lining of your bladder, then your stomach and can cause stomach ulcers. I can no longer eat spicy foods, citrus type foods, chocolate and a lot of other foods and have to take medicine every day and even then I am in pain. Its use is widespread in India not the US so That's why you don't hear about the negative side effects. They are published mostly in Indian medical journals. You don't even have to use it for years to get these consequences I used for about half a year. I will say that women are more susceptible to the negative side effects than men are. However there are cases of men having to have their bladder removed because of it. How much more depressed would you be without a bladder? I am not against drugs but I hate how Ketamine is glorified and the bad is sweeped away. I think you should do what you want with your body. But for depression I think mj or a substance like peyote would fair you better.
  8. Hopefully a few months if things go well. If they dont, maybe a year. What medicine do you use? I get drug tested but I bought some legal stuff that will hopefully do the trick.
  9. Has anyone tried using nytol or other medication to hibernate? I just want to sleep until things get better. And don't say that things won't get better unless I do something-- there is nothing I can do for a fixed amount of time. I look at every day as useless filler until I get to my goal. I tried therapy and medicine but it's not working.
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