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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I suffer from depression and PTSD. Some of the symptoms as you know are confusion, inability to concentrate, memory problems etc. I go to the personality problems area. I need to register and enter a password. What part of confusion, memory problems, inability to concentate dont you understand? I go to the VA and they give me forms to fill out. It is just me or are these people cruel??
  3. At one time in my life I dated a psychiatrist nurse practitioner. The woman was crazy!! Not mean or nasty, just on the wrong side of the desk. I was in love, when I meet a lady in a peek-a-boo stright jacket, I just cannot stay away.
  4. Do an inventory, any recent changes? The Dr put me on anti cholesterol drugs. I found myself angry. I came very close to hitting my wife one day. Did an internet search and one side effect of the drugs can be anger!!! Drugs are in the garbage!! HTH Jim
  5. Rule # 1, all men are pig's. Rule #2, when in doubt see rule #1 and I'm a guy!!! The more I am around people the more I like dogs!! Some strang guy? All guys are strange!! You are right we are insensitive. All joking aside and I hate to tell yo this, it is you. When we are depressed and anti social we give off vibes?? When we are not depresed we also give off vibes or have an aura, however you want to describe it. Do not take my word for this, try a little experiment. The next time you are in a situation, grab the bull by the horns, Smile, Make eye contact, stand up stright, dont stare at the floor. joke, compliment, even if it kills you get in there and be part of it. It will probobly be VERY uncomfortable at first. But the reaction you get will be 100% different. What will they think? I might embares myself, so what!! we are talking some strange guy right? Who cares what they think. Try to look at the results objectively, are the results worth the effort? The more you do it the eaiser it becomes. The less you do it the harder it becomes. By isolating we run the risk of loseing our ability to deal with people. Some times I do this, someimes I do not have the energy, it is always my choice, either choice I make is OK. I am not a professional, not saying you are right or wrong, just shareing my experience. Jim
  6. I took AD's for years mostly prozac. They did make me fell better. I had side effects that just became unbearable. One is hyper sensitivity to the sun. I'm very light complected so almost cannot go out during the day. I also felt lethargic most of the time. The worst part was an inability to reach climax. I went to DR's had test done, talked to the shrinks. Nobody even hinted that this was could be a side effect of the AD's I'm talking with a man and he says I was on AD's and I could not !!!!. I'm sitting there thinking the dirty SOB's. I stopped taking AD's about 3 years ago. I go through some bad times. I seem to have a seasonal worse time, summer. Where it almost becomes unbearable. I would not reccomend getting off drugs. Unless you have something to fall back on. I have been in a recovery program AA, for 22 years, and also have several years of therapy.
  7. I was on meds for years, mostly prozac. Things started to change and I tried different AD's I did not get better. I was going to the VA and if a side effect was not sleeping they offfered me sleeping pills. I could not have an orgasm, Ive developed Ed's and they perscribed Viagara (3 a month). I'm sitting there, I'm dead tired, cannot sleep. I have a nice girl friend (now my wife) but cannot be with her. I have developed a sensitvity to the sun. I dont want to go outside during the day. I'm a mess and they want to give me more and different pills. I quit taking pills. I decided to get back to ground zero and start again. I've been off for 2+ years. Its been great, its been horrible. Depends on the day. I am not reccomending to anyone to get off meds. If you have been on medication and in therapy long enough to know and trust yourself. It may be worth a try. HTH Jim
  8. While it is possible, there may be a problem at the AA meeting that your moms counselor knows about. It is unlikely. Also in most towns and citys there are many meetings to chose from. There is also the posibility that your moms counselor is a drunk and wants nothing to do with AA! Unlikely but possible. I'm sober and been going to AA for 21 years, so I feel I have some experience in this. The important thing here is for you to learn to take care of yourself. Find AlAnon, it is in the newspaper, phone book, call a crises center, look it up on the computer and go. Even if you think it is stupid, not for you ect ect. It is your most viable option at this time. Go to several meetings and then make a decision. There are people there just like you that have been in the same situation and can tell you what they did. I know you truly want to do something for your mom and your brother. Learning to take care of yourself should be the first thing on your list. HTH
  9. Hi Karin. In recovery programs they stress doing one thing at a time. In depression it is hard to call,make appointment,go see therapist, talk to them ect. But I know you can get pencil and paper, today. Thats it! That is all you have to do. Then later find and write down number. Then later maybe call. Dont sit and try to do it all in your head, its overwhealming. Just do one thing at a time. Like when you are laying in bed in the morning and the things you have to do during the day are just too much. Do the obvious, get out of bed. Even on my worst days, I can get out of bed!
  10. I'm a guy and I can get really irritable for days at a time, maybe it is just my female side coming out I have been off meds 2 years (got sick of the side affects) Somedays I think I need to go back. I'm not reccommending anyone try this. Just something I had to do!
  11. As I was reading these posts, I thought instead of eating something why not try a cup of herbal tea? This is after I have just finished a bag of candy at 7 AM!!!! I am sooooo sick!!!!! It really is terrible to know the ansewers but not use them. If I lose weight I will feel good about myself. If I feel good about myself then all the bad feelings I have towards me are wrong and I cant stand being wrong!!
  12. Hi, My name is Jim, I'm retired on a disability pension for PTSD, 58 years old and married to a 20 year old. I am an alcoholic but do not suffer from it, I have been sober for 21 years. And yes a big book thumper! I do suffer from depression and PTSD. Becuse of the side affects, primarily ED, I have been off medications for two years. Some days I question the wisdom of this decision but my mind will have to become a lot worse befor I go back to meds.
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