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  1. Zoloft worked wonders for me at 50mg and 100 mg, for both depression and anxiety. I upped the dose to 100 mg when I was going through a life changing situation and it did help. Zoloft made me tired about 4 hours after taking it, so I started taking it in the evening and that worked. By taking it in the evening it also seem to help with the occasional insomnia, one of the possible side effects of Zoloft. After many years, it didn't feel like it was working, but probably was. I switched to Celaxa anyway, which seemed to work for depression but didn't work as well with anxiety. I stuck with it because I did not want to keep switching medicine, but I am going back on Zoloft or trying Lexapro. I've had anxiety and social anxiety since I was young, and Zoloft helped 100% with socal anxiety. A side note, I did succesfully ween off of Celexa for two years without any issues, so some people can go off anti-depressants. When I started a new job, which was stressful in itself, and had to drive through my old stomping grounds, it brought back memories. This sent me into a mild depression, where I would cry over everything with bad anxiety, so I went back on.
  2. I also have Blue Cross, so you should be able to get the generic at the cost of your normal prescription price.
  3. Cymbalta now has a generic, so it should be covered. Call them, they will be able to tell you what you will pay. You can also usually find if it is covered online. Search for the words "drug formulary" and your insurance company. Drugs are listed in tiers and higher tiers have higher co-pays. My insurance lists Cymbalta as being in the lowest tier, so it has the lowest co-pay.
  4. Great to hear! Zoloft was a wonder drug for myself other than the small weight gain.
  5. Try taking the Zoloft in the evening. Worked for me for many years. Helped reduce the drowsiness I would feel around 10 or 11 AM.
  6. Keep trying a medication until it works for you. Cymbalta is definitely good for depression. Effexor also did not work for myself at all, but everyone has different brain chemistry and receptors. Celexa and Lexapro are other very popular drugs similar to the chemistry of Zoloft, so those might work for you if you had some success with Zoloft. Even the old tried and tested Prozak works wonders for depression. If you have the money, go see a psychologist. They can talk you through your personal issues. Drugs and talking with someone about your issues has been proven to work better than drugs alone.
  7. Yes. Zoloft is a wonderful drug for myself. I was on it for years, but switched to Celexa to just to help reduce the weight gain. Helped some with the weight, but affected my sex drive on the 40 mg, while Zoloft never did. Went on 20 mg of Celexa, wasn't depressed and still controlled my anxiety well, but it didn't make me feel as happy as Zoloft did. I have scheduled an appointment and will be going back on Zoloft.
  8. Figure out whenever you start yawning in the morning and how many hours after taking Zoloft that occurs. Take Zoloft those amount of hours before you go to bed. It worked well for myself for many years. Even taking it any time in the evening was fine. I never had any of the serious side effects people complain about, other than occasional insomnia. Zoloft completely changed my life. I think most people come on here for help with side effects, but not enough come on here to praise a drug.
  9. Many have said there is no difference between 50 and 75 mg. Most go from 50 to 100 mg. On 100 mg I was definitely less anxious and more happy than 50 mg, but I was also more relaxed, which can be a bad thing depending on how you look at it. I guess I wasn't lazy, but more content with laying around. Also, my sex drive was never hampered by Zoloft, in fact I would say sex was better.
  10. For myself, I have been on Celexa (citalopram) for a few years, and I am thinking of going back to Zoloft. Zoloft worked wonders for me for many years. In my case, the sex was actually better. I think the only reason I went off was some weight gain. I know most people come on here to talk about side effects, but I would like to say mine were almost nil except for the occasional insomnia on Zoloft. Celexa 40 mg affected sex some, and the 20 mg works, definitely not depressed, but I don't feel as happy as I remember being on Zoloft
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