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  1. I also have teeth clenching even during the day. Some people have suggested buying a mouth guard
  2. salad with salmon/apple/celery/carrots/spinach mango water
  3. I hope this isn't spam by posting so many replies. It's 3PM and I usually have my customary nap around this time because of how tired/fatigued I was even before taking WB. This med is definitely activating, but it's not making me agitated or irritated. It helps that I have a happy disposition 90% of the time, I guess. Wellbutrin's activating effect helps me because before I took it, I...: ☑ Couldn't get myself out of bed ☑ Lacked motivation ☑ Procrastinated and got easily distracted ☑ Didn't have the sense of urgency In situations when anxiety took a hold of me before taking WB, I...: ☑ Was overwhelmed with nervousness ☑ Felt my mind went blank in high stress situations ☑ Quickly broke down before thinking it through So in summary, I just want to kick life in the balls as a "thanks for throwing in my life that gave me PTSD". (No j/k I don't blame anything/anyone for the lowest I have ever been. It's time that I fixed my life.)
  4. Just wanted to post an update for anyone who is struggling with WB. Today is the 23rd week of taking WB and the 8th week of increasing to 300mg XL daily. I just wanted to recap some things and compare them to what I have been feeling the past 4 days. Before I do that, I just wanted to say that this is definitely a positive post and that these changes are getting better each day. The dizziness and nausea started decreasing 4 days ago when I posted on Sunday and they are what I consider background noise at this point. The WB is actually pushing me to get things done without feeling the guilt and sadness of doing them. See, the important things that I need to get done are tied to the embarrassing/stressful/hurtful events in the past that broke me, my spirit. Now, I have the drive to just get it done and when I start remembering the past, it makes me angry enough at myself for procrastinating that it gives me the motivation to finish it. I don't do it because of the rewarding feeling of having it done, but like my old principal kept repeating, "You gotta do what you gotta do". Research has revealed that most of our dopamine pathways are linked to areas of our brain that are responsible for the reward system (Wiki). Now, this is just my thinking and I don't have any articles to back it up, but I feel that the reason why I don't feel the need for a reward is because of the fact that WB prevents a lot of dopamine to be reuptaken, thus you have increased levels of dopamine in your brain. This may be why I don't want/need a reward because in simple terms, my brain is A-OK with the current serum levels of dopamine. NOTE: This is just my opinion and not scientific fact. When I found that WB can cause cognitive issues I got worried. I read other people's accounts of having their IQ drop on WB and not improve or slightly improve after stopping WB. This is why WB is known as the "stupid drug". I experienced this and it was not good. I'm in a field where I need to be alert and have the mental capacity to not **** anyone accidentally. The "mental wall" that I mentioned felt like a vice wrapped around my head and the greatest pressure was right in the front area of my forehead. I learned in anatomy that the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex is responsible for higher learning (Brainfacts.org). This is possibly where most of the problems with cognitive thinking happen. Unfortunately, this side effect can't be prevented in some people especially people like me. For those of you who feel dumb/stupid/slow on this drug (like I did) the best adbvice I can give is to stick it out and eat healthy. Make sure that during this period when your brain is adjusting to the WB you aren't needed to do anything that requires too much thinking. I know that isn't realistic for everyone with their jobs, family, etc. But if you can survive the annoying pressure-like feeling on your brain for a couple of weeks, then in my experience you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did not go through the "Wellbutrin trials" unscathed. I had to sacrifice important things/events in order to go through the fire. So, I know exactly what most people go through when transitioning. I'm just going to leave this post as it is with one-liners that I felt appropriate to how I'm feeling right now. I'll follow up with an update in the evening and possibly keep posting every week just because :P. ----- "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..."
  5. Hey JohnMG, If you don't get any replies, I recall several posts of people taking an SSRI with WB. When you do the search, you might find very old posts, but they're still insightful to this day. PK
  6. Just a little update for anyone reading I was reading through the forums and typing while riding in the passenger's seat. Then it hit me: I wasn't as nauseated as I was two weeks ago. Before I was on WB I had a very strong stomach. The two weeks I had with the new 300mg daily dose made me so sick to my stomach that I couldn't even move or talk in my seat. Now I don't feel like hurling the contents of my stomach as much. So the nausea is dying down ever so slowly. Let's hope I stay on that trend.
  7. ri4n, In my limited knowledge, I know that GI side effects (aka constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain) of Wellbutrin are common. Combine that with it's other side effect dehydration, then you have a really annoying problem. Many users on the internet suggest to keep drinking plenty of water. Also, the feeling of diarrhea accompanying the constipation does subside over time. :)
  8. Here's my backstory: I was first started on Zoloft because I assume that was the go-to drug in the clinic I was at for depression/anxiety. It worked but then I started feeling very very lazy and unmotivated. I discontinued the Zoloft and in March I switched to wellbutrin 150mg SR daily for 3 days, then BID. Around May, I was feeling lazy and hazy/brain fog/brain pressure. I then upped my dose to 300mg XL daily on June 21st. My first 1-2 weeks of the XL was hell. I was dizzy/nauseated and just wanted to lie down and die. Until now, I've been feeling unable to get up and do important things or learn new concepts. Every time I try to think, my brain puts up a mental wall and won't let new information pass (i.e. my short term memory is broken :P). WB has done amazing with my depression. Before taking any AD, I felt so horrible/guilty/pathetic/weak and I wanted to just waste away in a corner. Now I feel like I can actually say what's on my mind (I'm a very very quiet and shy person) and actually say "no" on occasions where I used to would put too much on my plate because I didn't want the other person to think I was stupid and pathetic. I wish this were a positive story, but it's more of a neutral. I don't have depression, but the pressure in my head and nausea forces me to lie in bed for long periods of time and that's just not what I was hoping for. Is there any WB veterans out there that still have to deal with WB's side effects? Yeah. 22 weeks. Ain't that a kick in the patoot. If I were to look at this optimistically, I would only count the 7 weeks I was on a higher dose just to make me feel better :P
  9. Mom1980, I don't have an answer, but I am interested in other's stories about switching from SR to XL. I was on 150 mg BID since March and then switched to 300 mg XL daily in June. I've been hit with nausea/headaches/dry mouth/dizziness/dry eyes really bad about 1 week into taking the 300mg XL. Fast forward to today (about 7 weeks into taking this large dose) and I've been lethargic/lazy, still slightly nauseated/dizzy, and overall unmotivated in doing important things because of this pressure-like feeling/haziness in my head. If there are any WB veterans out there that still stick around, I hope you can provide assurance! I've read almost every account of WB and know that 18 weeks was the longest I've read it took someone to finally feel benefits. If I take into account the total amount of weeks I've been on any dose of WB, I'm at 22 weeks and still feel blah. :( Sorry to hijack your thread Mom1980! I'll probably make my own thread later.
  10. Nice to hear more feedback about zoloft. I was debating about switching to another AD but I'll stick with it for a bit longer. I just started taking it at 7pm and I feel that it helps so much with the fatigue. Stay strong and hope you have better days with zoloft :)
  11. Holy cow that Restoril worked in 10 min and I was asleep in no time. 6 hours later and I'm awake at 3am. Still kind of groggy but not too bad. I can certainly feel effects of the zoloft (muscles tight around my temples and back of the neck). Well I survived the night. Anxiety and depression be damned. :)
  12. For future reference to myself and others, I just took 50mg of Zoloft and 7.5mg of Restoril. I can see why being on Zoloft can be dangerous. My mind was telling me I needed to take it because I had already scheduled to. If this was the old me, I would have been worried for an hour and still wouldn't be able to decide. Will update soon...
  13. *hugs back* Thank you :) I certainly hope that I can also help give words of encouragement to those who need it :)
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and depression. I was always told I was a happy child growing up, but underneath it all I had insecurity always lurking behind me. I have come from strict parents and a very religious background. All that led to a slew of low self-esteem, performance anxiety, self-doubt, and panic attacks. Also, being a female in my household meant to be quiet. I always thought of those as being humble, but not anymore. I'm 29 years old now and trying to finish schoolwork to start on my career. In my last two years, I've been a nervous wreck. I didn't know what a panic attack was. I didn't know my extreme anxiety made it difficult for me to study and hold information in my head. It wasn't until recently that everything made sense to me. Lightheadedness. Dizziness. Heart pounding. Throat tight. Difficulty breathing. So, it became a trainwreck. I was a trainwreck. I spiraled. I was told I had depression. I was told to take meds. My life is currently just inches away from being flushed into a dark, smelly abyss called the "Toilet of Life". Well, I'm medicated, now. I've only been on Zoloft for 12 days and I can't believe how easy it is for me to type this up. I am leaving a lot of details out (crying/despair/loneliness/helplessness/hoplessness), but my mind can't remember a lot of it (selective amnesia?). Also, I wouldn't have registered to this forum without this med mellowing me out. I'm still in the nasty side-effects phase, so, please bear with me in the future if I do talk about feeling crappy while on this med. Like a lot of others on this med, I do feel like my soul was sucked out by Hades, but at least I'm not overcome by dread of the next day. ...For now. Nice to meet you all.
  15. Hi all, I'm new here :) Ive been on Zoloft 50mg for 12 days now. I've been having brainfog and lethargy as my main problems for the past couple of days. I've been taking them around 4-7am but around 10 or 11am I am yawning all over the place and I can't get any schoolwork done because of the brainfog. I want to start taking it in the evenings at around 7pm because I believe I would go to sleep by 11pm (from what I've written so far in my journal). My question is: should I take zoloft tonight or wait until tomorrow evening and put up with any breakthrough anxiety? Thank you for any experience or input. :) My GP said morning or night is ok, but they didn't tell me how to switch...
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