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  1. i am on seroqel 150mg for sleep and paranoid thoughts and that helps at the end ,sometimes it doesn't really help with sleep but right now i am going thought some obsessive thoughts. about wanted to say hi and be friends with someone and i know i cannot do that i am not allowed. but i prefer not getting into that so in a few weeks i have an appointment with my pdoc and will be talking to him about this. i am not sure what would be more helpful increasing the seroqel or get cymbalta prescribe again. i been on cymbalta before and it helped with depression and anxiety i couldn't remember if it helped with obsessive thoughts or not. which is better ? i don't want to go to high on the seroqel cause of the side effects and the diabetes risk
  2. i got the flu shot back in September of this year but feel fine now
  3. i got the flu shot and i did great today and was fine over the weekend maybe it was anxiety
  4. Hello these pass few days on and off i have not feeled like myself. I been having a lot of anxiety i been having low mood on and off ,Thursday probably was the worst . i been getting flu like symptoms feeling like i am coming down with something but feel fine otherwise. Also winter and the cold weather is coming maybe that is the cause. Also i been feeling tired a lot also be sleeping and taking naps a lot Yesterday was a little bit better at first i was feeling depressed and sleepy but got fine during the day cloud this be depression ?
  5. Hi Lately i have not feeling myself i been feeling nervous and been having anxiety about my heath. Started this week i been feeling depressed and not myself I am losing interest in this i used to enjoy doing. I have lost my appetite but still can eat but often i get full fast. i am sleepy durning the day and just want to sleep. I just don't feel like doing anything but force myself too i also get nausea. I do have an appointment coming up with my Pdoc but hoping to see my reg doctor as well. Is this becoming depression again?
  6. Hi should i try the reglaur one then i need something to make me sleepy!
  7. does the xr version mnake you sleepy as the regular version I need a alterntvie to mirtazpine for sleep co pay is too high
  8. Hi I had a good friend about two years ago ,this is when i was happy and did not need 6 different medications and now we broke up and no longer friends we broke up last October and every-time i see him i get this sad feelings and thoughts that we wish we could be friends again but i know that will never happen again. today i saw him and he look back at me i was walking behind him slowly so he won't see me and he closes the door in my face and i am on cymbalta ,mirpaxine and ablifry and kipin because of all this and this does not help with seeing him i get my depresion back i am fine when i don't see him i am a male as well. i saw my pdoc yeserday and talked to him about it but please help me i feel like crying right now
  9. Hi i tired effexor and it made me worst ,i have not yet tired pristiq
  10. I did really good on cymbala but it stop working ,is prisqtit like cymbalta
  11. Hi these parts few weeks been really hard for me. last school year i lost a friend ,we cannot longer talk ,we can only say hi and wave. and that broke my heart. I baiscly crashed into suicidal depression. and from this day on we are still apart and feels like we are going more apart which breaks my heart. yesterday i got him mad i talked to him and he did not answer and today he just waves and won't even say hi. I tired to say hi but no respone and i basicly got very upset and angry the teacher helped me calm down and i cired a little. Please help ,Do i have serve depression or Bipolar disorder
  12. Hi lately i been crying a lot more then usually ,like today the teacher kind of was yelling ,at me and i cried and had to take a break for 30 mins and their is a student that i am not really suppose to be talking but i can still say hi to and bye and she heard me saying bye to him and questioned me if i am suppose to me talking to him and i got upset and had to see my counseling at school. I told the teacher i am on medication for this problem. i was very upset today all i wanted was my medication up to 120mg. I take cymbalta i only take 40mg. i feel like no one cares or understands me ,just a few teachers and feeling like my friend is mad and hates me. I wll be drinking XXXXXXXX to make me feel better tonight
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