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  1. Who am I ? Today someone said we can only be loved for who we were created to be and I think he was right but if that´s the truth the question is, do we know who we are? If we admit it or not, we all long for love and having people in our lives that we can really trust, cause only if we feel safe we can open up completely, and we are only able to receive love if we are known by someone. If we let someone know us. Cause how should we ever feel loved if no one knows who we really are and when people tell us they love us all they do is telling us they love our acting, the show we let them watch every day as they encounter us. At the end of the day we will stand alone in front of our house, freezing because of the cold wind that is blowing, asking ourselves and the universe where this emptiness deep inside of us comes from. At least that´s how it was for me for a long time and still often is. I´m on a journey of discovering who I am, who I was created to be, of course this journey is never ending it´s a path we walk on our whole life, if we choose to do so. It´s probably not the easiest or should I say most effortless way we can pick but it´s the only one that gives us what it needs to live. No I´m not talking about being alive I know there are lots of ways for our bodies to stay alive (I´m in this world too). What I´m talking about is living wholeheartedly, being able to love and receive love, going to bed in the evening with excitement for the next day, even if there´s gonna be no one wishing us a good morning, as we wake up the following day. Yeah that is possible, and not just for some but for everyone and I have to say I really enjoy getting to know me and having permission to love myself cause there is one who loved me first and gave me a worth that no one can take from me, not even I! Xoxo someone who lives
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